• Capitalism is far from perfect.

    Let's face facts. As long as Capitalism exists, there will always be people who will be rich and those that are too poor.

    Take for example, the game of Monopoly. The goal of the game is to make more money and make your enemies poor. After the game is won, everything goes back in the box. Is it really worth it?

    Capitalist societies also tend to have more crime than Communist countries, (no, it's not because of the threat of getting shot) because everyone in Communism is required to work and everyone earns a living. This means there are no poor people, and since most crimes are resulted by poverty, then crime is reduced. Also people are not too rich, which means reductions in organized crime.

    Take for example, when China turned Communist to Capitalist, the crime rates increased and there have been mobs.

    Now then, lets also take into consideration the rich companies and banks. It's no secret that these monopolies buy there politicians and fund there campaigns. After all, a politician can't really fund himself. They also make profits off of people from other countries using cheap manual labor. These people don't earn enough and are often earning slave wages, and that is a terrible thing.

    Also as long as there are big rich companies in capitalism, they will tend to find a way to may money off your problems. For example, it is because of the oil companies that we don't have solar powered cars, because they buy patents to such things and keep everyone else from getting a free source energy.

    Yes, there are many flaws with Capitalism. I will admit that Capitalism does provide a better standard of living for the people, and possibly better education, but the cost is not worth it. Capitalism is an illusion of corporate greed, and the sad thing is that we are slaves to the system.

    I don't approve of Communism or Socialism either, the truth is that every system is flawed.

  • Capitalism is Bad! This shouldn't exist. Capitalism lets the rich overrule the poor. Even the middle class gets stepped on from the rich!

    Capitalism lets the rich overrule the poor. Even the middle class gets stepped on from the rich! Capitalists just use the government as a line of defense and as a mean of protection instead of fighting it off as a man. In modern day people don't use the government as a defense. They fight there issues as a man or a woman depending.

  • Yes capitalism is bad

    Because history and current events prove it is wrong and we are educated and informed. Regulations came into being because so many bad businesses were doing so many evil things to destroy other companies. Same thing with the anti-monopoly laws. Same reason unions came into being.

    The socialist democratic countries in Scandinavia are rated both the happiest (US doesn't even make the top 10) and people feel they have more opportunity than any other country.
    And to all the these hardcore conservatives/republicans and capitalist

    Try taking a history class.

    Competition doesn't destroy bad business. We aren't in small towns any more. There are hundreds of bad businesses who pump a lot of dollars into politician pockets. They drive out the small businesses, they lie, cheat, steal, and put crap into the marketplace and our environment. Because the competition is destroyed, people have no choice.

    Are you really so stupid to think that a small business can compete with a massive corporation like Monsanto, GE, Ford, Walmart, etc? What planet do you live on anyway.

    Government agencies that don't work are because the cons keep tying their hands. Like they have done with the post office, putting on absurd restrictions that no company is expected to meet. They did the same with Medicare, forcing them to pay full price for prescriptions instead of negotiating bulk purchase.

    Amtrak works well, but is likewise limited because the cons want them to fail.

    Unions don't cripple businesses. The union businesses that fail do so because of the greed and poor business practices of the leadership, not the unions. Hostess is fine example. They blame the unions but while they were going through bankruptcy, the top level people tripled their pay, driving the company into the ground. Same kind of stuff with Detroit.
    Business has proven itself completely incapable of self-regulation.
    How can wage slaves (and the vast majority of us are) be considered "free"?
    A business's number one priority is profit. With a few notable exceptions, consumers are but a tertiary concern. Businesses can join together right now for the benefit of an industry, should they so choose.
    Regulations save lives. Lack of regulation costs lives. Recently, 29 men were murdered by Massey Mining, but there was zero accountability. Some executive SHOULD have been tried and executed.
    Notice how the global economy was sustained by Glass-Steagall, and that it didn't take long for crooked banksters to crash the global economy, using trading strategies that used to be curtailed by Glass-Steagall.
    AMTRAK is national infrastructure.
    Business are not in the business of helping the consumer, the environment, or their workers. They are in the business of making a profit. Many times that means screwing the consumer, the environment, and their workers. That's why regulation is need to protect us from big business.

    Exhibit A: the Gilded Age with its child labor, rivers so polluted they caught on fire, 12+ hour work days, slave wages, dangerous working conditions, freedom to false advertise.

  • Capitalism: The System created by the Devil

    Capitalism is dead. With income inequality at it's highest in Western and other capitalist nations in decades, big corporations having the biggest say on what they want in Congress, tax evasion by the top one percent going on under the nose of corrupt bureaucrats, the most ineffective congress ever, and many, many more problems with capitalism it shows that the system is a corrupt, disgusting one that benefits few. The communist system made sure everyone was equal. The problem was the governments became ruled by an elite few and many freedoms were denied under those governments. In addition, when those communist countries like the former USSR tried to have capitalism the USSR had food shortages and corrupt Russian olgrichs controlling the government. When the USSR fell very few nations could stand on their own. For example, Poland is a country doing very well no longer effected by it's past in Europe. In fact, they were the only European nation not to suffer because of the 2008 recession. But, if you take Poland's neighbor to the east: Ukraine. It is considered the most corrupt nation in Europe even ahead of Russia and many revolutions in Ukraine took place. Even the former areas of the East German communist government are still behind Western Germany. This is why capitalism is bad and one day will virtually disappear.

  • Yes it works

    Yes it works, and is natural, but it requires a better educated society, with higher values, ethics and moral. Now days, we have it all wrong, we value money more than the skills or knowledge of an individual, money is just a tool. In good capitalism, if you have a skill or knowledge, money comes to you in stead of you running after the money. Is not working because two enemies, greedy people and government controls over the market that's also a natural system impossible to control with out causing big problems on the economy. Too many people wanting to make money with the work.

  • Yes the rich just get richer.

    Simply the poor become poorer and the rich get richer. In the game monopoly the winner is rich and everyone else are poor. Capitalism in theory only sounds good and does work for a short period but once the wheels start to roll is when the vehicle begins to come a part.

  • Yes, it has turned into 'bad'.

    You people seem to think that each person gets equal opportunity to succeed in a Capitalist society, WHICH IS NOT THE CASE. Take South Africa for example; and its' 'lost generation'. An entire generation was lost (they lost out on an education and most affected by this live a life of poverty to this day) because of something out of their control (Apartheid). Capitalism IS bad because, while constructive competition is good, modern Capitalism has turned into something horrible. Capitalism has come to mean bending rules and exploiting loopholes, buying politicians, hiding money in foreign bank accounts to avoid paying taxes, manipulating securities, sending millions of college students into debilitating debt, and covering business failures with citizens’ money. These activities would not take place if society was different.

  • Yes, but it has gotten better.

    Capitalism is a "bad" system because the laborer is paid less than the worth of what he produces so that the owners can earn money and grow their business(es). It has gotten better through the years, however, because now workers are able to receive health benefits and have certain rights that the business owners cannot violate whenever they wish. One of the greatest criticisms of Karl Marx's views of capitalism was that he viewed it as a still-shot that would never change. In reality, capitalism is a dynamic system that has changed itself over time to remain dominant.

  • Is this even a debate?

    I'm sorry but Capitalism is not just for humans but every living thing does it. The survival of the fittest, the people who have earned it get it good or bad, generosity should be our own choice instead of being forced, and it is just morally right. Capitalism is downright amazing because it gives you a choice and that is what my country "America" is happier than socialist countries, Same with Canada and some European countries. For Pete sake they have made it better!
    If you support socialism you think that everyone is incapable of making their own decision in life how they need to live it. SORRY, that’s not for you to decide.

  • Capitalism is flawed

    Capitalism is based on rich people making money in anyway possible such as cutting down our dwindiling forest, kicking natives out of their ancestral homes to transfer oil, mine and to kill the wildlfe to make big factories to mass produce consumer goods. They also gain the money from our work

  • Capitalism is Great!

    Capitalism is great! It provides competition so the consumer gets lower prices.
    People's main concern of Capitalism comes from government intervention. Government intervention is bad, not capitalism.
    Why are we such in an economic downturn, you ask? The housing bubble busted. This housing bubble was created by the Government! The government has been guaranteeing loans and that's not how it's supposed to work. I'm not saying that people shouldn't have their own house. I'm saying, if you can't afford it, don't buy it! If renting for you is more affordable, then rent! It is YOUR budget!
    Another reason is because the Federal Reserve and our monetary system. The only difference between Monopoly money and a US Dollar is your belief that the US Dollar is worth more, literally! They are both printed from thin air. The Fed can print as much as they like, which causes inflation, which causes higher prices. The Federal Reserve has not been checked on by Congress, which is why we need to audit the Federal Reserve! The Federal Reserve is essentially the central bank and is controlled by all the big banks. The same people who control your loans. CONFLICT of INTEREST? YES! More inflation means the longer you have to pay the debt which means more interest for them! THIS IS A PONSY SCHEME. ONLY THE MARKET SHOULD CONTROL OUR MONETARY VALUE AND SUPPLY! What we have is NOT capitalism, but CRONY Capitalism! WAKE UP, PEOPLE!!

  • It is better than any alternative

    There have so far been no alternative economic systems which have worked better. Most successful nations are capitalist. Capitalism takes advantage of human nature and self interest and uses it to create new goods and services. In order to succeed and be happy, you must contribute something good to society that others also value. No other system does all those things as effectively as capitalism.

  • Capitalism gives us freedom, we have longed for

    Freedom is capitalism, we have the power to open markets, when we fail we fail and no one goes down with us,muy when you succeed we triumph and we raise into society. We get a life where we can only keep going up and no one is holding us down.

  • Capitalism is better

    Capitalism shows that people that are more skilled get more recognition for it, for example, a doctor makes more than a cashier. It's the same as saying that when you were in school, you did the entire project and worked hard on it, and the person next to you didn't and they got the same score. You should get a higher score because you did better, in communism this doesn't work. Communism doesn't work because one, if you don't own it, why should you maintain it? And socialism doesn't work because it takes money people earned and gives it to the poor that did nothing to earn it.

  • Capitalism is fair.

    Would it be fair that everyone earns the same amount of money, but one works harder? No, right? Even if a country would be ruled by communism, there still will be poor and rich. It will always be this way. Therefore it can be said that capitalism is better than communism

  • More capitalism needed

    This country was founded upon entrepreneurs and to live the American dream. Competition is what this country thrives on. Americans live to compete day to day whether it is in the business world or not. Capitalism is great in many ways. 1 it helps create more jobs and also help keep a steady economy. 2 it provides more competition for big companies so the price falls.

  • Capitalism: it works

    All the arguments against capitalism are either targeted at crony capitalism, facilitated by big government, or against the unchangeable nature of the world and humanity. The rest are just completely nonsensical. People will complain about rich people controlling the government. This is true: men with big pockets will try to take advantage of government for their own ends. However, this can only happen when government is big enough. A small government which only serves to enforce the law and defend national security is less capable of being corrupted. However, powerful government organs, like the IRS and the Fed (un-democratic and unelected) open the door for cronyism, as do powerful elected officials with lots of power. Complaining about inequality is to complain about human nature itself. There will always be inequality as long as two people are left on the planet. However, look at poor people in capitalist countries like the US. They have shoes, clothes, food, water, etc. This standard of poverty is much better than in socialist countries or those who have only begun the process of adopting capitalism. Only countries with strong market economies become wealthy and powerful, as Adam Smith pointed out prophetically long ago.

  • No Capitalism is not bad it is very good, if you like freedom it is good if not it is bad...

    Most people do not understand capitalism, they think it is greed for those who succeed in life and followed there dreams and have gotten large sums of well deserved money that they view as they got lucky and stole it from others who worked in a different field or sat at home and did nothing who think they deserve money just for being alive. In the exact opposite of thinking capitalism is greedy, it is not! Socialism is a way of life meant for everyone to get paid equal and have equal opportunity, here in the U.S every single citizen has equal opportunity but the fact that most put away is that we wont ever get equal results.
    In a class discussion I had last year was a thought that came to me and that was that if we all have to pay the same and get paid the same no matter what we do why do any work at all? That is my main thought of why socialism is a complete failure and corrupt system. Capitalism is basically just the saving of your own money which we all do, but the government joins in and says its bad because they gain at the bottom and get less gain. Capitalism is good socialism is bad!

  • Capitalism with Morals

    If our citizens were more moralistic, then the problems of capitalism wouldn't exist. If more rich people practiced less greed and more charity and humility, and if all people had the "Protestant work ethic" that America was founded on, we wouldn't have the problems that face capitalism today. In addition, capitalism forces the rich to consider the needs of the poor; the rich cannot get rich unless everyone else gives them money by buying their products.

  • Capitalism is not perfect, but is arguably better than the alternatives.

    It is difficult to defend an entire economic system without any specifics, but here are some responses to the most common arguments against capitalism.
    Many people against capitalism argue that it is inherently exploitative, with business owners paying workers as little as possible. While a business certainly wants to pay as little as possible to maximize profit, the fact that other businesses exist prevents this from fully happening. If each business is at an auction, with the worker's labor for one hour worth 10 dollars, it is certainly worth their while to outbid each other, as each makes a profit when they bid, and loses out when they don't. This forces businesses to pay a worker close to their actual worth, maybe ending up paying the worker 9 dollars an hour.
    Pretend for a moment that this worker only has one business who wants to pay him in his area, and is offering only a $5 an hour pay. While this is arguably too low, keep in mind that if this is in a capitalist society, nobody is forcing him to say yes. Because of this fact, the worker will only take the job if he believes he is gaining more from working than he is losing from taking the job. This freedom guarantees that all transactions in a capitalist society are mutually beneficial, even if one side is gaining substantially more from a transaction than the other.
    While capitalism is not perfect, one must look at the alternatives to make a judgement. One alternative many consider is government regulation. While this sounds like a good alternative, it is important to remember that lobbyists from the big businesses people criticize capitalism for creating have massive influence in the regulations passed, usually hurting small businesses and taxpayers with subsidies and expensive regulations that are easy for big businesses to deal with anyway.

    Tl;dr version: transactions in capitalism are voluntary, while most alternatives involve forced government taxes and regulation that usually end up only helping big businesses anyway at the cost of taxpayers and small businesses.

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UTC-JNB-Ngugu says2014-01-22T11:27:17.517
Capitalism isn't "bad" if you disregard South America, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, much of Africa, India, Asia and Oceania, the "working classes" and large parts of North & Central America.
ksgkamath says2014-08-10T16:14:24.487
Any system will have good effects as well as bad and undesirable bad effects. Generally the latter take over the former in due course and become more dominant. This is true for capitalism too.
ksgkamath says2014-08-10T16:17:52.827
Any system will have good effects as well undesirable side effects. Generally the latter take over the former in due course and become more dominant. This is true for capitalism too.