• In a capitalist society individual rights come before the benefits of the state.

    Capitalism isnt perfect, but in capitalism if you are willing to work hard, then you will have food and a roof over your head. In communism everyone gets the same amount of money, inequivelent to the work that they do . You can be a rocket scientist who worked hard your entire life, or a bust boy, you would have the same amount of money. There is no room for individual rewards. In life I believe people come before ideas.

  • Communism Doesn't Work

    No economic system is perfect, and communism is certainly no exception. Although the idea that everyone should have equal amounts of money for equal amounts of labor is attractive, this idea fails in practical application. Some people aren't willing to do their share, and power ends up in the hands of a very few people.

  • Communism verses capatalism

    The perfect example of the difference between communism and capitalism is North and South Korea. They were both pretty much the same economically after the war. South Korea under capitalism has improved the lives of its people while the North stagnates under an iron fisted tyranny. Ask any person who has lived under communist rule what they think. All of the ones I have discussed the issue with despise communist form of government.

  • The human personality is compatible with the capitalist system more than the communist one.

    Humans are by nature, greedy, and this is not always a bad thing. If we want to achieve something and there was a reward for it (usually a monetary reward) then we'd go to greater lengths to achieve it. Capitalism is most associated with this proportionality -- the more the reward, the more effort we put in. Ultimately all efforts of every member in a communist society will be normalized by the monetary factor, and we will see the advance of technology, economic and social sectors greatly become counter-productive.
    Yes for a fair and rewarding society, no for an unhappy one.

  • That capitalism is better than communism

    Well capitalism isn't the most greatest economic system but it is much better than communism because in capitalism they have a choice in what the people want and in communism they have now say in what they are going to do and so with that you could have person that was trained to doctor and they could be electrition and would you like it if that was the person thwas working on the power and I think all the people play games and or have a hildish sensh in what they have to acomidat with what they have of the economic basis and so like you want it so that you don't have to do it in so that yave a job and you don't have to go to school and that is bad ause without all the education that capitalism has to offer you are just a stupid idiot the has nothing to have to offer but with capitalism you have the training to e able to do what you want to do.

  • Capitalism is not perfect, but certainly better than communism

    Capitalism has many flaws and is by no means a perfect system, but when compared with communism, it is certainly the better economic system. Communism has been tried many times, in many forms, in regions all over the world, and the result has always been a disaster. It simply does not work in practice.

  • Capitalism Is Better Than Communism

    Capitalism does have its flaws but is much better than communism. Communism is flawed because it only takes one person or a committees opinion into account. Who knows how these people got into the position of power and their opinions or choices might not be what is best for the people.

  • Yes capitalism is worth working for

    Capitalism is much better than communism. Communism on paper has such potential but it does not have citizens personalities factored in. Everyone having equal everything is not right. Those who work hard all day everyday and strive to be the best deserve to have the best. Where as those who freeload deserve to have what little they do.

  • Yes, Capitalism is better

    Capitalism is better than communism. While humans are basically good, they are also basically greedy. In a capitalist society, there are greater opportunities to fulfill this natural ambition. In communism on the other hand, this basic greed is not harnessed, but is to the detriment of the people. Basically, capitalism takes the basically bad greed, and uses it with minimum harm to others.

  • Capitalism is the best system.

    Here are so many more advantages for being a capitalist than being a communist .You get better working conditions and more freedom in communism there will be no religion and there will be the same economic classes. However, people need to work for their money. You need to give more to the people who work harder. When people work hard they get more. When people don't work they don't get anything.

  • Communism is Right.

    The 1% owns 80% of the worlds wealth, Communism represents a utopia, an ideal world in which no one is rich or poor, everyone has an equal opportunity to do what they love without worrying so much about being paid for it, and there are no social classes to divide people.

  • Communism is a Utopia while Capitalism is technically Anarchism

    It is said that Communism is bad but in context of Marxism-Leninism Communism shows far better equality, justice, economics, human rights, and shared products. Though now because of corruption and people being to helpless to provide for themselves in many cases is why Communism is flawed. If read carefully Communism states that in Communism it requires no classes (In terms of what people have in class, Example: In Feudal times the usual class go from King (Or Ruler or King and Queen), then Noblemen (The rich), then Knights (Warriors), then peasants (that is in class structure basis), next it would require no need for a centralized Government meaning that the people literally have the power not the politics or government, as well as sameness (Though people still will remain with their own personalities and thoughts (Though for thoughts the government (during the socialist phase into evolving into full Communism) may stop those that try to speak out which could destroy the whole evolving phase)) and to really top it off Communism has all its items (food and items such as household items) shared among people yet because people nowadays, and in the past not to far in the past, also far to selfish to provide yet if the everyone nowadays concentrates we can achieve that as well if people become no longer selfish, we can still become a Utopia. Though as far as Capitalism goes the political system of Capitalism in full form is a country or larger community ruled by the Markets with minimal if any at all government. That is all that needs to be said.

  • Communism is a utopia for the people

    Communism is a utopia for the people. Everyone has rights. Not just one person or a group of people. But Everyone. It's the greatest idea yet known to man, be it the Capitalists deny it or not. It's more than true. Communism requires not one man to be in all command power position. It requires the people to work togeather as a union. And certainly not like Americans propagandanize it.

  • Communism just needs a dedicated leader.

    I have been corrupted by the greed Capitalist have spoiled me with. Communism allows for everyone to have equal opportunity, equal status and equal posessions. There are no rich, but there are no poor, just the proletariat and the government. Crime is minimal because There is no need to steal from your neighbor because everyone has the same posessions.
    All for one, and one for all.

  • Marx's Theory of Government

    According to the theory of government, society follows four governments.

    Feudalism -> Capitalism -> Socialism -> Communism

    Communism does NOT mean an oppressed people, it means a free society without the use of money and other greed-instigating objects. This society is driven by one's will to learn and be successful, which is driven by personal motivation for a self-fulfilling goal. Communism is misinterpreted nowadays, where it is really the perfect form of freedom and life that we should all strive to achieve.

  • Capitalism doesnt work

    Exept for a select group of people in north america and western europe capitalism fails everywere in africa south east asia and south america in communism however what the people miss in whealth they gain in happieness and free health care and low prices etc
    capitalism is also causing crisis after crisis since the american civil war while the sovjet union was the onlly country that didnt suffer through the deppression further more communism
    because communism is almost immune to a economical crisis, can grant equal rights for everyone, create superpowers and grant happieness to the population i think it is a better system

  • Capitalism Is Exploitation

    There is no chance for anyone of the lower class to move up in a Capitalist society. It is a system that only benefits those with money. Communism has been villanized by the US and Capitalists and there has never been a true example of a Communist state. Capitalism has also led to numerous crimes against humanity and wars, for example the Iraq war. As long as there is capitalism there will continue to be racism, sexism and all other sorts of inequality.

  • There is no equality

    Under a Capitalist system, half the world is dying of starvation, and the other of obesity. It hardly seems right for a select number of people to have all or the rights and benefits - the 1%, and the other 99% to be supporting the 1% while believing that "well at least this is better than communism".

  • No, it can be much harder to succeed individually in capitalism.

    Communism works for the whole as opposed to the individual. Communism is looked down upon because every time it's been experimented with it has been taken too far by a dictator. People tend to look at the more drastic things about communism, sure there's no individuality, but there's no crime, and sure working conditions aren't great, but everybody is employed. Communism benefits the country as a whole instead of a select few who sometimes aren't even deserving of their position. Also, nobody works harder than anyone else in a communist society, so nobody needs to get paid any more or any less for their service.

  • Communism just needs a dedicated leader.

    I have been corrupted by the greed Capitalist have spoiled me with. Communism allows for everyone to have equal opportunity, equal status and equal posessions. There are no rich, but there are no poor, just the proletariat and the government. Crime is minimal because There is no need to steal from your neighbor because everyone has the same posessions.
    All for one, and one for all.

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