• Yes.

    Capitalism is based off of a supply and demand basis, which sounds nice, but if you let it run its course long enough, the rich only get richer. Capitalism will turn into one big survival of the fittest regime and the biggest companies will make their way to the top of the food chain eating anything under it. This is why we have laws forbidding monopolies, but it'll ideally become the same thing.

  • Yes. We are turning on each other.

    We have finally reached a point where inequality is growing once again and people are so fundamentally disconnected from the products they consume that we are unsustainable to the earth and uncivil to each other. Greed has spiraled out of control, and money is concentrated with a smaller and smaller portion of the population.

  • Money.

    Yes, capitalism is devouring American culture. e have so money hungry and enthralled in the business world that it is taking away from the quality of our lives. We need to get back the lives that Americans used to have. We need to take pride in the simple things and stop treating life like a race.

  • Many mistake capitalism for corporatism

    What has happened is many think that Corporatism is capitalism because they both involve power of business. Plus it would not look too good to rave about a country being controlled by corporations. In reality, corporations would not be so big if the Government did not give them so much aid. Unfortunately, Government and Corporations are working together, and thats why there are so many dumb laws, and why having your own small business is so difficult. Thanks to their regulations on small businesses.

  • Free market capitalism is the only way.

    In a free market the consumer is king, and each individual gets to vote on what companies are successful and which ones fail. Monopolies in a free market capitalist system only come to be because lots of people buy their product. This system does not currently exists so this is proof that UNwanted Monopolies come about under the different socialist style governments that have always been around. This happens because of government and corporate welfare. Capitalism isnt devouring American culture its fascism and corporatism ie government that killing Americar

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