• Its not what capitalism "should do"

    Its what it actually is. We dont have a real capitalist society, because we have many regulations such as minimum wage. REAL capitalism, by definition, is a society completly driven by the private sector (coorporations) where they make the rules, of course offers more jobs since they wont have to pay us minimum wage. In real capitalism is where is distinguished the rich from the poor. I believe is Economic Darwinism

  • Sure, in many ways.

    Even if it shouldn't be, capitalism is certainly a battle of the fittest. Within the context of capitalism only the most fit businesses will survive. For instance restaurants who sell the best food and offer the best promotion will survive. On the other hand, restaurants with bad food and bad marketing will not survive. This logic can be applied to businesses in any industry.

  • Not if it is done properly.

    We have yet to truly see capitalism in use. What we have currently is a hybrid economic system where lip service is given to capitalism, but the market is heavily regulated. This results in the government picking winners and losers and what is commonly called "crony capitalism". True capitalism raises wages and quality of life for everyone. Both the producers and the consumers benefit.

  • Survival of the Fittest

    Capitalism should promote growth and financial success on all spectrums but should not be used for the best and biggest to always be swallowing up the weaker. An economy that thrives under big corporations and powerful chains would not promote the American values that many people in this country hold about free market, product quality, and fair labor.

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