• I'm sure it is in some ways

    I'm no socialist but capitalism isn't perfect either. It's disturbing to think about how some companies only care about making money and will do whatever it takes to rip people off. Take shampoo, for instance. It's a relatively recent product, and it's a detergent. It strips your hair of its natural oils and makes the scalp overproduce to make up for it. Then you've got to wash your hair far more often than you would had you never used it. Take another instance; Apple changes the shape ever so slightly of each new product so that they can sell new cases and accessories. Or they'll do one upgrade with an obvious missing feature so that they can have more things to add in the future that everyone's been waiting for, so they'll buy another device that costs hundreds of dollars. Take the fact that cars aren't built as durable as they used to be, so that they'll require more maintenance (=$$$) and have to be replaced sooner.

  • No it is not.

    Capitalism is ignoring the American people altogether. Fascism is ripping off the American. People. I like the libertarians for one thing: consistancy.They do not support fascist policies and claim to be capitalists. That is why I am most annoyed with conservatives. They are so very inconsistant. Random word right here.

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