• Yes, it absolutely is.

    Capitalism is slavery in so many ways. Consumers become enslaved by so many choices, and by becoming the victims of corporate America, who have ingrained people to believe they need things they don't need. Capitalism is a sad commentary on human nature, and only serves to entrench the have-nots for their entire lives.

  • Any educated person would agree...Yes, it is.

    Understanding the difference between capitalism, socialism, and communism is a wise place to start. Capitalism operates as a guise under freedom by promising those that are less fortunate too have the possibility of becoming a capitalist themselves, however they will spend their entire lives toiling to never reach that promised ending.

  • Indeed it is

    In a Capitalist system, the Bourgeois exploit the Proletariat in an attempt to gain more wealth for themselves to wallow in. The poor need to get jobs, and when they do get a job, the wage is so low, that they can't get out of that job. It hurts the economy in ways unimaginable. The only ones who can get their foot in the door of prosperity are the ones who either get lucky or are born into the Bourgeoisie. The ones who are born to be a Proletariat are stuck there for most or all of their life, struggling to get free from the bonds of capitalist slavery.

  • Rich get richer, poor get poorer.

    If you weren't born with the golden spoon feeding you, chances are, you will never get to eat from the golden spoon. In today's society it is nearly impossible for a lower to middle class citizen to ever manage to climb to the upper echelon of any workforce or get a position of power.
    A child raised in below-poverty conditions will most likely remain there for their entire life working dead-end job to dead-end job and never really climbing out of that hole.

  • Yes, but it operates under the guise of 'freedom'

    We are given few choices: the freedom to choose brand A, B, or C. The "Freedom" to choose to work for one slave master (i.E. Corporation) over another, etc. Noam Chomsky has suggested that the word 'crony' is superfluous in 'crony capitalism'. The capitalist machine is run by a small elite (i.E. An oligarcy) of the rich. Politicians are influenced by vested corporate interests and lobbyists. The system is rigged against you. Poverty is dismissed as a result of 'not trying hard enough' by the lucky upper-class.

    With socialism, there is of course the issue of decreased incentive. Although capitalism creates higher production, it does so at the cost of a dog-eat-dog, channeling of socially-Darwinist aggression. Over-consumption and decreased self-sufficiency becomes the norm. The money gained through work is cycled back into the system.

  • Capitalism IS Slavery

    Capitalism is slavery and at its roots are the white mans corrupt insufferable ego and his desire to dominate his surroundings. Land, people and resources, are nothing more to him than things he wishes to exercise dominion over. The bankrupt mind of the white man and his loathsome individualistic nature will be the death of humanity. The white man is omnicidal. He literally is the DEVIL of our times, of all times...And I see no end to his nature, ways and destruction. Help us all.

  • Land and resources are privately owned.

    Living without money is unrealistic as land and resources are privately owned and cost money. House prices are extremely high in comparison to many people's wages so they are forced into working for others just in order for essentials. If you want to build your own house and grow your own food, you can't unless you own the land which costs money and even then planning regulations may prohibit it. Capitalism is made to not look like slavery because people want jobs to get money so that they can live. Living without money is more or less made illegal and impractical by the system and it's difficult to socially integrate without it.

  • Of course it is.

    To the extent that it is not possible in modern society to opt out despite the fact that we could easily provide shelter, food, water, and energy to the entire world. Some choose to work because they are fulfilled or driven by consumerism; however, as survival is ultimately contingent on adopting this system it has become slavery.

    Sure, you could argue that you have choice which oligarch your labour is technically owned by, but you cannot suggest unless you are an entrepreneur that you receive the vast majority of the fruits of your labour.

    The workers needs and desires are clearly the opposite of what derives the most profit for the shareholders. Therefore, as it is unoptional and exploitive, it is slavery.

  • Capitalism is control.

    Without the rich, who are greedy to have power over the poor and other in the form of money, there would be a truly Marxist, equal state. The reason this is not happening is that the few rich in the world are controlling the market and others lives through this influx of currency. Capitalism may not be fitting the requirements of your "correct" definition of slavery (which, in the end, is subjective), but when you realize how much money controls our lives and that we cannot escape it shows what it really is.

  • Yes, it absolutely is.

    Capitalism is slavery in so many ways. Consumers become enslaved by so many choices, and by becoming the victims of corporate America, who have ingrained people to believe they need things they don't need. Capitalism is a sad commentary on human nature, and only serves to entrench the have-nots for their entire lives.

  • Wears better clothing.

    Capitalism wears better clothing but at heart its about social control and being forced to give your life and energy over to a small minority of folk who profit from it. ....It is work devoided of higher moral considerations. Born rich die rich, born poor die poor, it doesnt change.

  • I swear this website is an echo chamber for fuck tards

    OF COURSE CAPITALISM IS NOT SLAVERY! I don't even need to put anymore words but the system is making me so.... Fuck you idiots who think capitalism is slavery fuck you idiots who think capitalism is slavery fuck you idiots who think capitalism is slavery fuck you idiots who think capitalism is slavery

  • I'm very confused

    Is someone saying that because we have to work for things we are slaves....Forced to work? If we buy that theory does that mean we can do what we want and someone will provide at least the basic necessities? Also, if I want more than the basics I am not allowed to work to provide it for myself? Or are all the means of production opened by the government (all of us) and we produce what some leaders decide.? Can someone explain this to me?

  • Freedom of choice

    It's your choice. Do it if you want. People love to benifit them selves in any way shape or format wether its monetary or spiritual or personal. No body does it for no reason. In the end it was done as an act of empowerment. No body acts to hurt themselves without helping others too. In the long run its cause you do it for others and ultimetly your self

  • Give me a break

    If you dont like capitalism give me a better idea. Socialism leads to a political elitist class of people and the ones who benifit are the elitist and their cronies. Everyone who loves a robin hood always seem to forget that before they got their cut robin took his. At least in capitolism you always have opprotunity. You can leave your job, go to school, and live your life the way you choose. If you are jealous of the people that have more than you maybe that is more the problem then which form of government we have.

  • Tantamount to same thing but there is greater control now and we have the added stress of debt and compliance to manufactured rules

    Lol to above yes it works beautifully we should all strive to have America's economic stability, aiming for anything other than economic stability will always be to someones detriment ( balance of power)
    People are not sold in Modern society but they are already owned
    whenever wages rise for your average worker big corporates look at their proportional growth and representative profits and adjust accordingly and as all amenities are privately owned this is easily achieved in a short space of time

  • Of course not

    This is clearly ridiculous.

    'Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, purchase or birth, and deprived of the right to leave, to refuse to work, or to demand compensation.'

    No one is forced to work under capitalism, and to the person who said that consumers are overwhelmed/enslaved with choices...LOL

  • Innovation and Reality

    Capitalism is the driving force of innovation. In other economic systems like socialism there is no incentive to innovate and work harder. Also, capitalism doesn't create slavery, a poorly regulated free market system does. If you look at communist China they have horrible working conditions compared to capitalist America. It's all about having a good free market system with some socialist regulations to protect the workers and prevent a company from gaining a monopoly.

  • Capitalism Makes Upward Mobilization More Possible

    Capitalism makes the possibility of the poor and the lower middle class to rise above poverty more possible. Under socialism, you are bogged down under the slavery of your own mentally, that mentally being that you are entitled to certain things. When people get the idea that they are entitled to basic living conditions without having to work for them, why would the typical person work? I believe that due to the general narcissism of modern society, people would see me pay for them to live poor then for them to go out and work to become middle class. When someone has this mentality, they are enslaved to poverty and their own ignorance for a lifetime.

  • What did you say?

    Hahahaha, no. The majority of "rich" people, firstly, have jobs and are actually willing to WORK. They didn't inherit it or even win the lottery. Second, there's not nearly as huge of a gap between the rich and the poor in America as there is in fully communist countries such as China, where even the poorest Americans are much better off than the majority of people there. And, if you don't believe me, check out this clip: http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=hgPIGOZdcyI

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sadashivan says2013-05-22T15:01:11.557
Capitalism is not slavery as it saved during famine. But liberal capitalism "when they want" is not good idea. Does this mean Capitalism is on the verge to collapse? V have experienced communism or socialism collapsing due to lack of accountability and. Is capitalism sooner of later in the same track? Too much greed is not that good so world needs to realize the new system "Socio-Capitalism"

Socio Capitalism is an economic structure which privileges Communities, Individuals, Capitalists and Governments involve together to achieve Economic Goal. Thus Growth Share reaches entire population. Socio Capitalism is a system where capitalist invests and gets due reward. Its role is to invest but functions by communities and its people to promote the project and shared by all involved, encourages involved having equal interest in the growth. Government’s role does not merely sticking to running public sectors rather priority is protecting society’s interest and social order, obligates thorough watch on financiers and society functioning, market economy and have upper hand on both categories. As socialism and capitalism both together attached to economic order, their endeavour is to make project successful. Unlike socialism socio capitalism encourages energetic challenging behaviour among involved citizens, communities, and investors as incentives and disincentives involved. And unlike capitalism the objective is profit with social consciousness.

1. As each individual is a contributor to the objective, would prefer the success to survive. Share of the result shared with all involved according to their capacity. This objective promotes success economy. System helps sliding poverty level down.
2. System facilitates population to involve in economic and social sectors to build a powerful stable economy. Reluctance of Capitalist’s investment in agro and rural based industries escaped rural growth causing heavy migration to cities.
3. Educational Institutions and Societies: Socio Capitalism is a community initiation to explore its resources to benefit people. So educate and train is priority to identify sectors for economic growth. New system encourages introducing new research based education system to identify new resources and sources helping employment generation.
4. Environment and Society: Communities initiation towards identifying usage of natural and cultural resources to attract tourism and so-on is promotion to environmental importance. Environment- cultural related and small sector opportunities to soar employment opportunities in neighbourhoods.
5. Health and medical care and societies: Entrance of capitalism in Health and Medical sectors have soared manifold the cost of treatment and medicines reaching beyond ordinary citizens capacity. In Socio Capitalism system each neighbourhood to have health care units with qualified doctors and nurses. Financed by institutions or Government and governed by communities, thus would transform present system to social compatibility.
6. Layoffs – Job cuts – contract worker and Capitalism: Job cuts is easy privileged systems of capitalism to hire and fire when want. On the other hand under Socio Capitalism each involved is share holder. An eligible person hired is an asset to the company thus on hire, shares offered at subsidised value. That may be as easy payable or bank finance recommended by the company credibility. These shares are only transferrable during way out or retirement. Unlike socialism pattern workers are equally responsible for functioning.
7. In fact individuals investing in stock exchange are more or less unproductive as earnings not directed to companies rather exchanged between seller and buyer of shares. In socio capitalism people are encouraged to invest in projects rather than speculative stock exchanges. Careful Government regulation assures secured investments.
8. The objective of the society shifts to humanity and human needs. Social security and social order is priority as all are linked to each other.
9. Political and administration systems would have different philosophy to match social needs. Money and vote wouldn’t be the criteria rather performance and experience in respective fields would invite candidates to enrol for competition.