Is Captain America more inspirational than Superman?

Asked by: Rednael
  • Zero to Hero

    Steve Rogers was weak, frail man who desperately wanted to enlist in the army and genuinely wanted to end the war. One day he was noticed by Dr Abraham Erskine who offered him a chance to become the first of Super Soldier which he eagerly accepted. He was unsure if the serum would work but it did. Though he now had great power he remained the same person he was before the experiment, a good man.
    Both are great characters but in my person opinion I believe that the Captain is more inspirational. He knew what it was to be weak while Superman was born with his powers. Though it is impressive how Superman doesn't place himself above humanity and doesn't behave like a God.

  • Yes by far.

    Considering you are a human, Captain America will be more close to you as a human then an alien from outer space.

    Superman, everything about him is to stay inside the comic books. Why? His idea of becoming more powerful is by having a nap inside the sun. A very long nap. Captain America does not nap to become strong, his abilities are do to the hard work of scientist who put countless of time developing what we know today as captain America. Not only that, but being a weakling earth boy, not only can he relate to how it feels like being the underdog, when he risk his life to safe a human he does it for more reason then just being the hero. Superman on the other hand, is not even a human, he can't feel the pain we do, he does not know how hot it feels like to be burn by fire, or how it hurt when you slip and fall from riding your bike. These things that makes us human, superman can not tap into it. To him, we are just this alien that he likes and wants to protect. Sure he came to love a human, but you if a human was on his planet seeing that their body looks like ours, we will only take second before we start loving them.

  • Overcoming Adversity vs. Destiny

    Cap and Sups are both from the golden age, but only one really serves to inspire. Cap served to inspire children crippled by polio that their was hope though science that they maybe able to walk again, and maybe be better than they had been. Cap is never given ultimate power, and must always strive to over come obstacles.

    Sups is anti-inspiration. He serves to show that you must be saved by God. It's not a coincidence that his family 'house' is el, or God, and his name means Voice of God. Maybe if he hadn't been given all the power he ever needed, and had to overcome adversity of some kind maybe he'd be inspiring. But ultimately he serves as Übermensch morality where man must be saved by a superior being. The only obstacle Sups has is to not use all his power to not save everyone at every moment of his existence.

  • Heck yeah he is one of the ot inspirational marvrel characters

    Steve was a weak man at the start an had to rely on his best friend bucky but still wanted to serve his country. After multiple tries he is noticed and given the super soldier serum. Which results captain America
    This shows never to give up whereas superman he is strong from the start and doesn't have many weaknesses

  • Always good, Never falters, and the captain just sucks!

    Ok so Superman wins by default, simply put, SPOILER Captain america dies and fails. In the majority of canon he also ends up failing and getting his team killed. I mean seriously he was only selected to be the captain after some BS tests that didnt prove he was even good. There’s no build up, there’s no real test of morals, character and fortitude. The least likely candidate gets the gig simply because he jumps on a grenade. And honestly he comes across more stupid then anything else. Who would honestly believe that a military trainer looking for the next super soldier would kill them all? Honestly though he is one of the worst super heroes, he doesnt achieve anything, he is easy to kill but no one seems to try, I mean for heavens sake, he is trapped by 3 men wielding flame throwers, but no one even tries to burn him! He is comically destructible but no one tries!

    Superman overall takes the cake, for those of you who have watched justice league, and read the comics, you would know about the justice lords. An exact replica of the justice league from an ALT reality where they decided to rule the world. Superman isnt inspirational because he was a gimp who lucked out, he is inspirational because he can overcome any obstacle, he is a beacon of all that is right and is constantly fighting to protect. He overcomes all the same emotional drama as any other hero but doesn't decide to abuse his power and take over, instead he opts to protect everyone! His self control and righteous intent is why he is inspirational, and honestly is one of the reasons Steve Rogers cant hold a candle to him. He had no option to recieve his powers, and didnt ask for them, but he came to accept himself for who he is and is able to help everyone he cares about with them.

  • I like capes

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