Is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Really a pollutant? As with the increase in population we need more agriculture and thus more CO2 to sustain the photosynthesis.

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Is Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Really a pollutant? As with the increase in population we need more agriculture and thus more CO2 to sustain the photosynthesis.
  • Really people come on

    I am dumbfounded by the fact that the majority of people on this poll are saying no to this question. Yes some CO2 is good but is a pollutant because current levels are so high they are literally going to kill people and sink cities and islands and ruin our whether patterns.

  • It's currently in excess

    CO2 levels are unacceptably high and directly contributing to global warming. We are already seeing the effects of climate change, as droughts are lasting longer, the oceans are rising, and the ice caps are melting. We currently are destroying the amount of CO2 our planet can process when we pollute the ocean, and cut down the rain forests. If anything, our planet as civilization expands, can process less and less CO2

  • Enhanced greenhouse effect

    This threat that could leave us 150 meters underwater. The Murray river in Australia will become the Murray Lake. Atlanta, America will become ATLANTIS! This is caused by CO2 and it is the biggest threat we face. A little is okay, but lots is extremely bad and we need to do something about it.

  • Well... The more CO2 the better for the trees

    CO2 Helps plants. We plant loads of plants so sustain the population (corn and such). These plants will grow better with more CO2, then take that and convert it back to air. If the CO2 Concentration becomes intense you plant more plants. All the same it isn't anymore a pollution than oxygen.

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  • Plants and trees

    If there is no co2 plants won't produce any oxygen anymore and so we will die....
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  • No scientists just lie!

    LOL N00BS of course carbon dioxide has always been in the air so of course we can breathing it! At least no problem here with me I've breathed like just CO2 for over a year not and I'm not dead yet! LOL you stupid sheeple noobs the government tricked you n00bs!

  • Of course CO2 is not a pollutant because it is found in nature, and all natural things are good. Climate change is a conspiracy.

    CO2 is just carbon and oxygen, two natural elements. What could possible go wrong with putting natural things back into the air? The EPA just wants our tax dollars so it can push the scientific agenda! First the scientists came up with the ridiculous Big Bang theory, then the "fact" that GMO's are safe, and now a doomsday called "climate change" which will happen when we put too much of a natural ingredient into the air. Give me a break! The scientists never use common sense. They always want evidence; well here's more evidence: Over the past month the temperatures at my house have gone down! Where's the "global warming"? Increasing CO2 levels just means that plants will take more CO2 and grow more. How can CO2 impact the environment at all?

    The scientists talk of the "greenhouse effect", where pollutants reflect solar radiation. Isn't that a good thing? Don't we want less dangerous rays from the sun? We already get so much radiation from our cellphones and computers; no wonder cancer rates are skyrocketing! "Greenhouse gases" as they are called, can only help us.

    Who would benefit from promoting "climate change"? The same people who benefit from forcing us to eat dangerous GMO's that cause cancer! Major corporations and their puppet, the US Federal government, all conspire to boost their profits by giving us dangerous foods, stealing our money by making us pay more at the gas station and ultimately making us have to rely on the Obamacare pyramid scheme! Don't you see how it is all an Illuminati conspiracy?!

  • Everything in moderation.

    Until it gets to the point of concentration where its killing things or depriving them of vital elements ... It cant be considered a pollutant. I mean even by definition, it must adversely affect the usefulness of a resource, but in reducing its usefulness to us it gains usefulness to plants. If any change in CO2 nets less losses on either side, we are in the green. That band of allowable change is a wide one.

  • Yes but however...

    CO2 sure does help create oxygen for us to breathe, but the rate at which we are producing CO2 and the rate at which we are cutting down trees and not re-planting them, CO2 is becoming overproduced, which causes global warming and lots and lots pollution, which causes rising seas and deadly climate changes

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-19T16:08:00.923
CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are not necessarily pollutants.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2015-05-20T17:45:56.197
You are correct.