• Career a little over family

    Family is great and all, but I find having a stable career is far more important. Once you get your career straight, you are ready to start a family. Before you're not in a stable position, you really just need to focus on getting YOUR life together. If you can't handle your life, how are you going to handle yours and others?

  • Trust Master Quotient

    The origins of being trustworthy begins at birth. Who will feed me, Cloth me, Shelter me, Teach me, Hold me, Watch me, Lead me, Listen to me, Speak to me, Guide me, Share me, Share with me, Touch me, Play with me, Sleep with me, Dream with me, Believe with me, Hope with me, Love with me? Trust is the origin of any human activity. Careers are built upon trust. This question is a sham.

  • I Choose Family

    I believe, anymore, this is a decision more and more people feel they have to make. Careers and family are both very important, but I personally believe family is far more important. Careers, anymore, are fleeting and whimsical, but family is something you have for the rest of your life.

  • Family is better than Career

    Unfortunately it takes money to make the world go around but in the end, family is what matters. It doesn't matter if you are the richest person in the world, if you do not have any loved ones in your life you are still going to feel lonely and empty. Money can buy a lot of things in life but it can't replace the feeling of loving and being loved by others.

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