• Yes, he is.

    Carmelo Anthony is a very talented basketball player who deserves all the attention and acclaim he has received. He is a great basketball player and has led his team to the playoffs numerous times. He deserves the respect that he has been given and hopefully will continue to do well.

  • He has great stats.

    Yes, Carmello Anthony is really that good because he has done a lot for the New York Knicks. Anthony has the stats to show that he's a great basketball player. He is a great shooter, and his connection rate with the basket is very high. He's also a leader in rebounding.

  • No, i disagree

    No, that title goes to Amar'e. Right now Amar'e couldn't play his way out of a paper bag. Melo can still get his, to an extent. His atrocious defense is indefensible, but Amar'e isn't better and right now he's worse on offense. Other than Blake Griffin, whose still on a rookie contract and doesn't get nearly the praise Melo gets for having game, I'd call Melo the worst starting all-star in the NBA this year.

  • Not so much anymore

    Carmello Anthony really isn't that good anymore. In his prime, he was an excellent basketball player, maybe even one of the best. However, after all these years of playing, he is starting to go downhill. His prime is over, and I think it's time for him to start considering retirement before he gets worse.

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