Is Caroyln Yeager smarter than most Americans?

Asked by: Adam2
  • This neo-Nazi has more brains than most Americans, and most neo-Nazis too

    When she talked about the abuses forced upon blacks at the hands of the Brits, Dutch, etc, she didn't just talk about slavery, but the fact that they had to endure having the N-word shouted onto them. Carolyn Yeager is one smart girl, I'll give her that. Not like most of these American idiots we see today.

  • She is only somewhat intelligent

    Yeager does not deserve a place among the most intelligent people in the United States. She has performed some feats that required some intelligence including campaigns, but she does them for unintelligent reasons.

    Yeager is a Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi, both of which requires someone who is very gullible and in extreme denial of facts which is contrary to intelligence. To deny the Holocaust is to deny almost every major historical scholar and solid evidence in the world which is preposterous in this case. Yeager is not an astoundingly intelligent person.

    While I do seem to agree with her anti-racist views that Adam2 brings up it is against the general views of neo-Nazism. I am not aware of Yeager making those statements. Neo-Nazis are generally racist so I am not sure of the validity of Adam2's argument.

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