• Remember The Joker fiasco?

    The general public hated the idea of Heath Ledger being cast as the Joker in The Dark Knight, however he is now THE Joker that comes to mind when Batman's greatest villain is brought up (outside of maybe Mark Hamill). I really think the Ben Affleck casting could be a good idea in that he is a true comic book fan, he has spoken often about how he adores comic books and I think he truly knows Batman in that regard; he will represent Batman in a way we have not yet to see on the live-action big screen, as "The World's Greatest Detective". Affleck isn't known for being a bulked-out action hero, but we've seen that in Christian Bale, we need a new Batman, we need the detective us comic book nerds love and admire. I think this is a strong casting choice; after all, he's the Batman we need right now.

  • Great Casting Call

    Ben Affleck has matured as an actor since the "daredevil" and "gigli" days. He has earned 2 Oscars for Pete's sake. Everyone is reacting negatively about this but they haven't even seen the guy show his stuff as batman. Trust me there is no way Warner Bros would screw up on casting a character as iconic as Batman, not after the whole George Clooney fiasco. I say he will do great and everyone will see it when the movie comes out.

  • Better giving a Chance

    In my opinion, I think People would love the new batman. Atleast we didn't know how he's going to act the role. It might be good, it might be bad. He just need a chance. We should give him a chance Guys. Who know he becomes a better BATMAN !!

  • People need to clear their minds.

    Come on, you guys. Give the poor man a chance he'll do fine. Remember what people thought when Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker? Everyone thought he would mess up the trilogy. However, look how great he was. One of the greatest film versions of a comic book villain.

    A lot of people bash poor Ben for his "bad" performance as Daredevil. Can't you realize that was TEN years ago? People, especially actors, get progressively better and better over time, and ten years is a long time. Plus, the only reason why Ben was bad as Daredevil is because the directing/scripting of the film was bad. Ben did the best with what he was provided with, and what he was providided with wasn't all that good. I mean, look at Argo. Ben did that recently, and remember how great it was? Remember how well it was received? Don't you think he could do that as Batman? The man won Oscars. According to a search on google, his top movies are: Argo, The Town, Good Will Hunting, To the Wonder, and Pearl Harbor. They all have mostly GREAT or average ratings. So don't bash him for bad acting, 'cause that's obviously not true.

    I will say it one last time: Give the poor man a chance.

  • Why the heck not?

    People come and go, so do movie stars. James Bond already has like 4 different characters. Some bad, some good. So let's see how he's going to perform. And why would the casting team choose him if he's not good? I mean, they do that as their job! And people at home that do not have any freakin knowledge about casting start whining about that it's not a good choice. They probably don't even know why.

  • Ben Affleck isn't good enough

    I fapped the whole way through each Batman movie whenever Christian was on screen. Ben Affleck is ok, but in general whenever I see his face, instead of getting an erection, I get a derection. Truly, I had the best time watching American Physco with Chritian Bale, I had the most profound orgasms. So, please get Christian Bale back as Batman, so ...My dark knight can ...Rise ;)

  • For several reasons

    First of all, Affleck is over 40, that's a bit to old to start playing Batman. He doesn't have the build for Batman and while Christian Bale doesn't quite either at least he knows how to change his appearance. Also, recasting Batman so soon after the last movie just seems wrong, maybe wait a few years and cast someone else.

  • Baby face. Baby voice.

    I think that those of you who criticized Bales' rough, throaty Batman voice are going to miss. Affleck looks and sounds too young to be either the worldly billionaire or the tougher-than-nails crime fighter detective. There aren't many actors who fit the age-range that I prefer to play Bruce and Batman- 38-45. Nor are the ones there are in the right physical shape. Josh Brolin is the right age. The right build and temperament for Bruce, not I can't see him fighting, swinging, jumping and lunging as Batman. Clive Owen would make another good Bruce Wayne. Can't see him in the costume busting heads either. But either would be better than boy scout Ben.

  • Seriously, Ben Affleck?

    Does no one remember what he did to the ever-courageous Daredevil? Granted, he couldn't necessarily rewrite the script, but if he was such a huge comic book fan how could he be okay with portraying the character in that manner? I'm sure he'll make a great playboy Bruce Wayne, but the Batman? No way. He's not even a great Actor, he was good in Argo, but the role was emotionless; Batman has a lot of emotions, his emotions dictate his actions, the need for justice to try and make things right in the world. Just because you like an actor, isn't enough to think he is good for a specific role. I highly doubt Ben Affleck could pull off the brooding, glaring, stone-cold manner in which Batman portrays himself without looking whiny and pouty.

  • Not a bad idea, but...

    Batman unlike other superheros wears the mask of the playboy, he literally thinks of himself as Batman (if that makes him mentally deranged so be it).
    He's spent his life training and beating people up every night. World's greatest detective or not, he has the unique ability to survive his lifestyle; an impossible feat without being a true badass! Whereas Ben Affleck reminds me a little of a younger George Clooney, which already proved stunt men don't make a good batman.

    None of this is to say he's is a bad choice, I'm just not ready to believe he's the choice we deserve.

  • He is a bad actor

    He is a bad actor and he is a jerk in real life, why pay this guy to be a stuck up snobby celeb who thinks he is better than others, with a Batman role no less? Let his career crumble. I do not watch his movies, and if he plays batman, I will not watch it.

  • You never know

    Initially I was disappointed..But after giving it some thought it may work..If they go the older route affleck can pull that off.And if they stay younger,he can pull that off as well..I'm just against the reinventing of the part for the sake of a superman sequel..Was really hoping Snyder could convince bale to take the role and avoid the whole problem of explaining the backstory.

    Posted by: rja7
  • Ben Affleck Not a Good Choice

    Ben Affleck is a good actor but not good enough to be Batman. I couldn't imagine seeing him in the Batman costume or acting as Bruce Wayne. Ben doesn't belong in the DC superhero world. He was fine as Daredevil but, again, he will not be a good Batman. Sorry.

  • People don't like it.

    By casting such a controversial actor, it doesn't even matter what kind of a job he does now, people will be upset regardless. The casting crew opened the whole movie up to a whole lot of unnecessary criticism. Knowing how seriously comic book fans take their movies, they should have known this would be a poor idea.

  • He's truly shit!!

    He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!. He's really really truly shit!!!!..........Seriously, Ben Affleck is shit. Look at the way he changed the whole Argo story, so it was good old uncle sam who saved the day with a little help from the Canadians - no mention of the UK & other countries!! Changing history again - SHAMEFUL!!!

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