• Who does it hurt?

    Who? I don't see any problem with it, and it's most certainly healthier than common relationships. I mean, if you're religious then I can understand if you have a problem with it, but it's not like it's hurting you. Go on, have unhealthy and unbalanced relationships, but let us f***buddies do the horizontal monster mash and then go for bowling later. And hell, even if it does pull a rom-com, isn't that a good sign? That this is going to be a healthy relationship between two people who just wanna have some fun? I mean, no date pressure, no rules to abide. Guys don't have to go to fancy & expensive places for dinner and women don't have to do anything. Looks don't matter, because as much as a guy or girl could get rejected over their looks, I rarely see people unwilling to hang out with a person because of looks. I've personally never been in a hanging and banging relationship, but two of my friends are. They hang out all the time, they're close as friends, but one day they said "Hey, you have boobs, and I like them. Wanna have sex with me?". Whenever we all hang out, they don't seem to have that awkwardness that comes with two people in a relationship. In my opinion, it's healthy, it's not hurting anyone, so go nuts.

  • Yes, but with certain conditions.

    Obviously it must be consensual. Both parties must want sex, or at least be okay with it (for example, one party may be having sex to satisfy their partner's needs while having no such needs themselves). Motives and feelings must be clearly communicated and understood. Nobody should be cheating on their significant other. And both parties must be able to walk away with no resentment if things don't turn out well. Did I mention that communication is important?

  • I would never want to do anything with the friends I have.

    I don't necessarily think it's either good or bad. The context of a situation can change everything. For example, I once read of some people who fooled around with their friends and it completely destroyed the relationship they had because things got awkward. So, yeah. There's the bad of it. Doing something with a friend will change their perception of you. On the other hand though. There is no doubt that 'friends with benefits' exists and they can work. Really, it just needs to be left that neither party gets emotionally involved and stays safe.

  • Go For it

    Definitely. Friends are their for you, whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, someone that’ll always have your back, or to spend spend time with and have fun. There’s no real reason why friends who have fun together, can’t take the next step and have sex, given that it’s consensual by all parties involved. It is definitely a good way to learn things in bed, especially if you are open to talking about it. It’s also a great stress reliever. I’ve read the arguments against sex with friends on this page and they are all not real reasons, just possibilities. Sure you could end up hating your friend or vice versa, but thats a risk that comes with any friendly relationship, even if there isn’t sex involved. Weigh the rewards and the risks yourself, and if sex with your friend isn’t your cup of tea, then don’t drink the tea.

  • Nothing wrong but

    There is nothing wrong in having sex with your friend. When you have shared a lot of fun in your early days then what’s wrong in sharing this ultimate fun together but this should be limited within the two and not to be disclosed before others. One should go ahead.

  • It can work as long as you are close friends

    It all depends if you and your friend are really close and if you two really want to have sex with each other. I don't know if you two will become lovers after the whole situation is done but, it can work if you two are really close and want sex with each other.

  • Just what you need sometimes

    Why should you have to be in a committed relationship to have some fun? Wouldn't it be nice get down and dirty without having to talk about shopping afterwards? If it sounds good, feels good, smells good and looks good, then it must be good? Right? You get my drift?

  • Yes and No; it all depends on the people involved

    Well, sex used to be a taboo and was just strictly for people who were married but now we have all different types of things to protect us from things that we don't want from sex like condoms and medication.

    The bottomline tho' is how open you are to sex - would you talk about it like any other conversation subject? Found someone who think likewise to you that sex is just "another thing in the world" then I would be surprised why you weren't banging each other already, hell some people live in three-way relationships and manages those due to these opinions ... Of course it isn't universal but it is without a shadow of a doubt not impossible to live in such relationships.

    So why don't we go around banging each other because sex feels great? Because not everyone shares the opinion that sex and your own body is something that you can freely talk about and even those who do might have grown up in such closed communities and influences that they simply don't want to talk about it because they know they don't "mind" it but it can feel "wrong" in some aspect but don't know quite how. I know that I fall under that category but if someone were to come up to me and start talking sex, pornography or any subject really - I would treat it as a normal conversation subject.

    So the bottomline really is, can you imagine yourself talking with a friend about sex and quite litterly EVERYTHING ("Do you use toys", "Do you take medication", "Do you want bigger (a) boobs/cock (Sorry, never been one to take a liking for penis - I just think it sounds awful)" and so on); if you can do that then sex will be a great thing in life - if you can't, you probably value your privacy in a different aspect making something like this really damn difficult to really manage and live with because casual sex is there for the hell of it which means its going to end unless you have some kind of casual relationship as well and just roll with it.

  • It can be educational!

    I've been best friends with this guy for 10+ years. I've seen him at his worst, he's seen me at mine, and we've been there for each other. We're comfortable and one night, after a few drinks, we started to fool around a bit. Was it awkward? Of course - but the next day, we were able to laugh about it and sort of tell each other what we liked and didn't like. I mean, if both of us aren't experienced, and have this sort of open friendship, then we can learn how to be lovers in bed, right?

  • Benefits come with friends :)

    Friends with benefits is just fine, as long as you're prepared for the emotional baggage sex can bring. Casual sex may not stay casual, and it could be getting you into more than what you asked for. Do consider that before trying to get with a friend, that you have the intention of just staying friends with.

  • Sex ruins relationship, breaks family, mess up our society.

    You will feel awkward, weird sometimes, and one of you may feel jealous if you sleep with other friend who is also your friend or best friend. Sex has tendency to bond physically, and emotionally and you sex around and get numb, your sexual experience with special someone won't be special. Married people aren't exception to casual sex. You are in a committed relationship, but you are used to sleep around, so you feel casual sex should be still okay with your old fu** buddies, but that ruins the marriage. This kind of act can spread all over the world (already have) influencing people that it's okay, and guess what happens in our society and in the world today? We have STDs, we have orphans, and we have teen mother and single parent. Not very healthy... If we all marry and have sex with one man or woman in a committed relationship through a legal marriage, we'll have less STDs, less divorces, less orphans in the world.

  • It can totally ruin a friendship

    Not only is it unhealthy, immoral etc.... But emotionally, two people can't handle being casual sex partners. They may convince themselves they can. However, studies have shown that the resulting emotional damage is detrimental to those involved.

    Even personally, I've... Had a couple encounters with friends.

    It's just awkward afterward. Don't do it.

  • No, but it certainly is fun at the time

    The reason casual sex with strangers works is because the odds of seeing them again are low and emotions can't get involved in such cases (unless you are wicked desperate). Its very hard to remain friends after knowing each other so intimately and 1 of the 2 are likely to get attached if it goes on long enough and frequently enough. I speak from experience. The only kind of sex with no later regrets for both parties involved is sex within a relationship, imo

  • Sex can ruin relationships, and bares a lot of responsibility just being friends can't account for.

    Most anyone will tell you once they have had sex with someone, they can't look at that person the same again.

    Question, what happens if she gets pregnant? The dad is just a friend of her's. No true love or strong relationship to bind them together, creating a proper set of parents... No, just friends. You literally let that child be born in a divorce-like situation.

    Sex can do a lot of harm in the long run, and just being friends can't account for the responsibilities.

  • No its wrong

    Because people can be taken advantage of, and boundaries violated. I think its abusive to take advantage of someone unless you clearly tell your friend your intention and tell them its casual. By telling you just want to be friends and they take that at face value and treat you like a mate and when alone you push yourself on them and their unable to defend themselves- that's abuse

  • Breaks relationships and the future

    When you have sex, you are not only exchanging body fluids, your inter-being is also mixed up. Your relationship will turn sour, jealousy can build up as you have it with others. Sex tends to give you that physical and emotional bonding. Casual or non-casual, sex before marriage is not good. The problems of premarital sex bring broken relationships between friends, husbands and wives, family, and children. How many orphans are the result of premarital sex? It's a global issue. Sex is marriage's responsibility. If you get married and have sex with only one partner, our world will not have sexually transmitted diseases, and we'll have less orphans.

  • No it is not

    Casual sex among friends is not a good thing. Someone always ends up wanting more than just sex, and they they get hurt. Sex is something that should be only part of a committed relationship. I'm not saying you have to be married, but you should be planning on spending a long time together.

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