Is Catholicism the true form of Christianity?

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  • And on this rock I shall build my church

    Say a father on his death bed said "son, you are the rock I'm going to build the family business on, I am giving you they keys." It's obvious that the son is going to carry on the work of his father, and that his father has given him authority over the family business. And yet when a Protestant reads "peter you are the rock I will build my church on, I am giving you the keys to heaven" they think jesus isn't being serious. I mean come on Jesus was obviously trying to trick peter by telling him he had the keys to heaven that he had authority....Right? The thousands and thousands of martyrs that died for the faith, they were all wrong. No one had any idea what true Christianity was until the Protestant reformation right? I mean that first thousand years was just a big mess up. It's not like the apostles, who believed in the real presence of Christ in the eucharist, knew Jesus personally. They didn't have a clue.......Christ graciously hear us we got a lot of work to do!! Praying for all who reads this! God bless!

  • You are Peter

    It would be pointless for God incarnate to come to earth, teach us, offer himself up for our salvation, then say, "Good luck, go figure it out on your own."

    Jesus left behind apostles with authority and a promise of all truth through the Holy Spirit. The only Church that can meet those criteria is the Catholic Church.

  • The One True Church of Christ

    Catholicism is inarguably the original Church and arguably the Church founded by Christ himself. No other church (more appropriately called ecclesial communities) can claim to have God as their founder. Luther, Calvin, Zwigli. These are men that created their own "churches" based on their own interpretation of the Bible and theology. None of them carry apostolic succession from St. Peter himself and yes, many of them are simply wrong and teaching error. The sex scandal and other earthly issues with the Catholic Church do not make up and are not germane to Catholicism in its true pure form and are irrelevant to this question.

  • True Doesn't Mean Sole

    Catholicism is descended directly from the original Christian church, this is well-documented and there is no real reason to argue this point. The schisms that have occurred over time have resulted in a more diverse spread of Christianity, which are all Christian. The church in the bible is a prelude to all the current churches, but Catholicism is a central and original church. All Christians who believe in salvation from Jesus will go to heaven, but Catholics are the original church and ultimately will once again be the united Christian population if the ecumenical movement succeeds.

  • Catholicism is the way that god wants us to believe in him

    Catholicism is the truest form and Jesus created it and sacrificed himself so we could live better lives. I dont know anyone else that died on the cross for us. Jesus is the true and only son of god. Catholicism is obviously the true church if god. God bless all that reads this and I hope they find the true faith

  • Of course not - Protestants

    I think it's fair to say that it isn't, because there are many different Christian sects. If you are asking if it is correct, and the others are incorrect, I would have to say that you're wrong there too. Catholics have been by far the most corrupted Christians, so I don't see it.

  • No way dude.

    Catholic preach salvation by works, commit idolatry, and hide child sexual abuse, as well as horrible human rights violations. I would rather jump off a bridge than ever be a Catholic. Random stupid gosh darn no good word filler here. How do i get around this? Heiphers! Oh shiiite son, too many words.

  • Student of God

    I don't believe that catholic church is the true but the bible tells us the true christianaty. John 3:16 " For God so loved the world, that he gave his one and only son, that WHOSOEVER BELIEFS IN HIM SHALL NOT PERISH BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. When we look, what is someone who believes in jesus? That is a Christian. The true christinaty is christianaty not Catholicism. Matthew tells us that God we should be calling your father only not everyone else. When people here that Jesus called peter to be a rock, they think its the pope. Pope is translated in Spanish as " papa" And papa is translated in English to father. The bible cannot contradict it self. So this prove this interpretation is false. Lets see some of the things some Catholics do. Some, specially mexicans worship Idols, if you know the Guadalupe thing. Gudalupe is Mary. They focus every time they have a problem on the gudalupe asking it to help these people, meanwhile, God is to be asked only. History proves that roman Catholicism was man made not God made. The book of revelation mentions Jesus as being, "he was, he is, and he is to come. If he was the same person as before, then we shouldn't be worshiping another Jesus that teaches you to worship idol. I only stick to the bible as the source of what I all, " Biblical christianaty, which is christianaty, not the christianaty religion

  • This is not my opinion but either it is the truth. Catholicism Is satanic. Because they pagan worship idols, Mary and the saints

    No Catholicism is not true Christianaty. Catholic would be pagan worship mixed with Christian worship. But then which is the correct Christianty. The bible states clear " for God so loved the world the his gave only begotten son so that anyone who believeth In him shall not perish but have eternal life. The bible says any one who believeth in him meaning every one who believeth in Jesus Christ. Now if we know the definition of a person who believes in Jesus Christ we get the word Christian. So Christianaty is the only true christianty.

  • Catholicism is a religion created by the Roman Empire.

    When the Roman Empire was formed, so was Catholicism. Protestant denominations came from Catholicism just as Catholicism came from Orthodoxy, which is currently the closest to what Jesus taught/founded. You cannot argue that Catholicism is the original form of Christianity because, historically speaking, we can know this is not true.

  • Early church is not Roman Catholicism of today

    The church in Rome in the first century are:

    1)Headed by bishops not a single bishop called "Pope" ( Paul never mentions "episkopos" in his letter to the Romans.
    2)Saved by grace through faith only in God's sole work of redemption (Romans 4:4-7).

    The early church recorded in the New Testament Scriptures of the 1st century C.E. Doesn't represent the ancient form of the true Christianity of the Bible. Early church is not Roman Catholicism of today

    Posted by: radz
  • True form of christianity does not exist

    No no no. Because the true form of christianity does not exist. The book they consider as the word of god is not from the god, it is the book of several people http://www.Debate.Org/debates/is-the-bible-gods-word/2/, anyway, according to the bible christianity is polytheistic http://www.Debate.Org/debates/is-christianity-a-monotheistic-religion/2/ but all christian types believe in monotheism and e.T.C no true form of christianity

  • It is false

    Almost all precepts of catholicism go against the bible
    Mary should not be worshipped, Purgatory is made up, Jesus does not become bread that we swallow and end up flushing down the toilet, Pastors should not be called father, Jesus is the one whom we should be getting forgiveness from

  • Our God is a jealous God.

    If catholics really believe in the one true God then they would know that the Father does NOT share His kingdom with anything or anyone! Jesus came here so that we could have a straight , direct way to communicate with the Father. Pray directly to Him. Confess our sins directly to Him, etc. Ask Him anything or for anything in Jesus' name and His name only. I have never read in the bible where Jesus said to ask His earthly mother for help, or the saints for that matter. The Roman Empire and the early church elders made a pact to consolidate the pagan beliefs with the original believers so as to control the many believers that were finally opening their eyes to Jesus and the "Way". That's where "Sunday" came from. The POPE believes he is god here on earth and he has blinded millions of people who worship him more than the true Father. Revelations points to the fact that the antichrist will come from the "city of seven hills" Guess what city that is? ROME!!!!!!!!!! I love God and God only.

  • No, not even close

    If the Roman Catholic Church was at all the purest form of Christianity or gave the world the Bible as it claims, then why are its teachings contrary to the Bible or unscriptural in every way? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Guess what? The Catholics have no evidence! Is it not strange that the Catholic Church has complete difficulties tracing its origin prior to 320 AD?

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