• Yes!!! Cats Are The Best!

    Cats are way better than dogs because they are so much cleaner and easier to take care of. Cats are cuddly and sit with you and sleep on your lap. Dogs are way to hyper to do that they need to be walked and constantly moving all the time. Its hard work owning a dog while a cat is cute cuddly and calm.

  • Dogs all the way!!

    The reason that dogs are better than cats is because dogs are very friendly and loyal. When people come over a dog is there to greet them. When you have a cat they usually hiss and are scared of company. Cats are very unfriendly. Another big reason dogs are better than cats is because dogs can be act as a guard dog and they can protect your home and family. Cats are just not big and reliable enough to protect you from bad people.

  • Cats don't have owners, they have staff

    Dogs are a lot more useful than cats. Dogs have been bred to help around the farm, to protect, to alert, to track, pest control, trek mountains, to fight in wars. Now, dogs have more uses than ever. Law enforcement, Emotional support, therapy, they help patients with epilepsy, PTSD, anxiety, depression, combat injuries, blindness, deafness. You name the task and there is a dog for it.

  • Definitely not, no way!

    Dogs are way better than cats. They are better company and they are more loyal. They are willing to be around you and will stick by you, while cats aren't very good company and they can easily scratch you. We call dogs a man's best friend because they are more loyal and are better than cats.

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