Is celebrating Pi Day a waste of time for Americans?

  • Pi is a myth.

    Everyone knows that you can't trust those mathematicians. Everyone knows that they are Jewish and Asian, and everyone knows that they killed Jesus. Should we just trust people because they studied for years and is accepted by pretty much everyone? No! We should teach the controversy. Tau is god's choice. Jesus saves.

  • Helps teach kids

    School children can learn from celebrating pi Day, because the date is a reminder of the value of pi. It also gives teachers an opportunity to teach children about the value of pi and makes the occasion fun by designating it a 'holiday' that should be celebrated. The more opportunities there are to approach education as something fun and not just a chore, the better. Americans should celebrate Pi Day to teach kids that numbers and math are important.

  • What constitutes a waste of time?

    Video games can be seen as a waste of time but people find them fun so they play them. Would be consider our holidays a waste of time? What about school, is that a waste of time? Anyone can argue for anything with a different set of philosophical values and moral codes that one takes on.

  • Why would it be a waste of time?

    If you love math, then you would most possibly celebrate Pi Day. Why would it be a waste of time?

    I agree that not that many people are fond of math. I like math, but to some extent. I find it interesting, and the problems,equations, and the like can be complicated because the world itself is complex. I wouldn't celebrate Pi Day myself, though I think that it is quite clever.

    I could argue that celebrating birthdays is a waste of time, or playing video games is a waste of time. To be honest, they are a waste of time well spent - they were fun while they last. Sure, I should probably spend that time on something more worth my time and energy, but hey - in reality, we were born to 'waste' time and having some fun does not always equal wasting time.

    Say, would having fun be a waste of time?

  • No because Pi Day is important

    Celebrating Pi day is not a waste of time because Pi is the most useful set of numbers in the world. It also gives me a reason to eat a lot of pie. In America we celebrate many thing and it is only fair to celebrate math as well. Thus stating that Pi Day is good for both celebrating math and eating pie.

  • No it is not

    No it is the one sign of Math that is all about celebrations. Who doesn't want to celebrate the Pi and have a piece of pie on National Pi day. Kids need to learn about the pi. It is influential and important in math and science What is the pi of 40.

  • Every Day Has a Celebration

    No celebration is a waste of time for Americans. Really, we should celebrate so many things so as to keep a positive outlook on life. Pi Day (March 14, or 3/14) is a good day to study mathematics and geometry. The ancient Greeks discovered the relationship pi has with finding the circumference and volume of circles and spheres, respectively. That number is one of the most critical expressions in all of science with regards to engineering. Celebrating Pi Day isn't any more wasteful than having a "Star Wars" theme day on May 4 (May the Fourth Be With You Day).

  • No it is not

    Celebrating Pi takes places all across the world just not here in the United States of America and we should realize this when we are talking ago it. Pi celebrates a math thing which of course is good to celebrate. This is an educational thing which is not bad to celebrate.

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