• Celebrity kills people.

    Can we just look at the 80's child actor death toll? It is inherently damaging to human beings to be objectified, And stripped of identity and autonomy. Being constantly told who you are by outside forces has a profound effect on how we relate to ourselves and the world. Celebrities aren't just whiners.

  • They were people once

    Celebrities were people just like you and me at one time, but after being exposed to the cult of celebrity, they have become entitled, bitter, and with the incredible, sudden accruement of capital, completely unconcerned with the plights of regular, working people. They complain about every little thing while ignoring what it's like to actually be a person.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe celebrity culture is inherently damaging to the celebrities. Many times you will hear about the fish bowl affect and that is a real problem that almost all celebrities deal with. Furthermore these people are catered to in such a way that being out of work can easily cause depression. Drugs are also rampant because anything they want to access is merely a question away. Celebrities are treated in a way that creates their problems.

  • Yes, most likely.

    I do think that celebrity culture is inherently damaging to the celebrities, because it takes away from their privacy and puts them on an unreal pedestal that people aspire to be. This is bad for the celebrities and it is bad for society. This is why I can't stand the paparazzi.

  • It's a world they created.

    Regardless of how they whine and moan about it, celebrity culture is exactly what the celebrities want it to be. They go where they know they'll be seen, and where they know lots of paparazzi will gather. The "intrusions" are calculated media leaks done solely for publicity. The only damage done is to the brains of people who think it's unplanned and invasive.

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