• Yes, of course it is.

    The celebrities who live and work in Hollywood are certainly driven by their impulses and this leads to excess in many areas including that of drugs. It is probably a much bigger problem than we even know because we only see the desperate cases and those that lead to death.

  • Yes, I think celebrity drug addiction is a big problem for Hollywood.

    Overal I believe that drug use is rampant in Hollywood and much of it is covered up, I believe the high stress environment and the large amounts of wealth these people have cause the drug problems in Hollywood, I think it's up the individual and the individual's managers and families to seek treatment for them.

  • Yes, celebrity drug addiction is a big problem for Hollywood.

    I definitely think that the issue of drug use and Hollywood is something that is a big problem for the industry. I think that there should be a lot more done to aware people who are just getting in the industry so that they don't fall in the same traps as other people.

  • Celebrities Tend to be Ambitious, Not Addicts

    Drug addiction is a problem for American Society. Celebrities, because of their status, have access to more drugs and the rest of those dangerous lifestyles. However, celebrities also tend to be the most ambitious folks among us, so most of them won't get sucked into the danger because they are too busy trying to be famous.

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