• It's a bit more easy.

    I used to play the violin. It was fun, But it was far to much for me to keep up. I swapped to cello, And it's FAR more fun than violin. It's more simple and fun to play. I think it should be more popular and played more than the violin.

  • Violins Suck (but not too much)

    Its obvious to me that Violas are the superior string instrument, But Violins are by far the worst. The sounds people make with these instruments. I do not want to go to an orchestra and have it sound like the instruments are screeching at me. I have found people who play the Cello to be chill, And laid back. Violin players are to hardcore in my opinion.

    *This is all a joke, If you are a violin player I fear you but also salute you. (Please consider the Viola though)

  • Cello is better

    I have to say that cello is better because my mom plays it, Lol! But being serious, Cello has a very nice melancholy sound to it that violin doesn't, Plus cello doesn't sound as bad when you are first learning as violin does.
    Yay cellos! Need more words a a.

  • Violin is more versatile and more portable

    Looking at it from an objective point of view, The violin is capable of evoking more emotions than the cello. This is probably due to its note range. (If you compare it to the piano, Which is arguably the most versatile instrument, The violin, Rather than the cello, Is more similar to its range. ) Both violin and cello are capable of evoking sorrow, But the violin is able to better evoke joy and high spirits than the cello. Yes, The cello sounds more melancholy, But that is not the end-all-be-all of which is better. It sounds more melancholy, But it does not convey happiness as well as violin, And the violin is also capable of conveying sorrow, But in a different way. When you count up all the effects that each instrument can produce, Violin probably wins over cello in number, Which means it has more variety and can therefore be suited for more occasions than the cello.

    Regarding other aspects, Such as practicality, The violin is much smaller and lighter to carry, Making travel much more convenient.

    Yes, The violin does sound much worse when starting out and has the delightful ability to sound like a dying cat, But that is not an inherent fault within the instrument; rather it means that the player, If not a proficient violinist, Has the ability to make it sound bad. Thus all "fault" (everyone sounds bad starting out of course) lies in the violinist and not the violin.

    The cello is also arguably easier to learn, Partly because it does not sound horrible upon a player's first centure into playing, BUT as the old adage goes, Anything valuable will be hard to learn. (Or something like that. ) This is of course NOT to say the cello is less valuable, Only that the fact of it being harder to learn does not mean it is worse, Rather it affirms its potential to be valuable.

    Some will point out to the competitve nature of the violin, And perhaps its commonality. Nowadays, Every child seems to be taking up violin, Making it more competitve and hardcore than the cello. The cello now has, Of course, A uniqueness to it in the fact that it is less common than the violin. But! We can no doubt concede that, For something to be popular and common, It most likely means that there is a *reason* for it to be so popular, And therefore there is something about the violin that attracts so many people.

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