• The Nation Can Achieve More

    Censoring the media is one of the most effective ways in which a country can achieve its goals. Citizens simply are misguided by the media and the media tends to blame everyone in the country. The people end up hating everything in the country because the media keeps on BLAMING. That's what is currently happening in India. The media tends to think it is too 'western' in its approach and anything which does not agree with it is termed as 'conservative' or 'traditional'.
    For any issue.. The media has negatives on it. And these negatives are put out in such a manner that the government is scared of losing supporters sometimes and has to agree or accept the media's view

  • We should be exposed to the real world

    Violence is a every day thing we should not be hiding our youth from it some times we do go a little over board but the real issue is the parent. Is it really the company who created the games fault or the parent who let there child buy and play the game. Parents should take more responsibility for there wrong

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