• Chinese are being controlled

    The Chinese people are currently not accessing all the things that are going on in their country and outside of their country. The government decides which information shall be shared and which information must be kept to themselves. The government is controlling over their people, And if censorship continues then the Chinese may never experience the knowledge that is needed.

  • Yes, they use it to control.

    Yes, censorship in China is a serious problem, because China uses censorship to control the people. In China, there is still the belief that the government knows best. The government uses censorship quite heavily, in order to control information that the public receives. Until censorship is stopped completely, the Chinese people will not be truly free.

  • Yes it goes too far

    I am a fan of censorship in some areas. I think it is needed at times to protect people. However, China goes too far in their censorship and instead of simply protecting people China is not allowing people to live life to their fullest. Censorship is okay but not to the extreme that they go.

  • China's Censorship Problematic

    Perhaps more than any other country in the world, China censors its populace. Doing so is a huge problem when the Internet is supposed to provide freedom of information. China needs to reverse its course on this issue before its people start to revolt. Censorship can only cause problems for a country.

  • Absolutely china has a censorship problem

    They are a very censored culture. The government keeps websites under wraps so the people can't learn about other ways of thinking. They don't want their people to become too smart and start rising up against their communist ways. They just want people smart enough to work, but not too smart to start questioning things.

  • Yes, they are too quick to censor.

    The Chinese Government is too quick to censor in their country. They have a long history of censoring text books, artists, and now they black out information and websites on the Internet. They want to keep the Chinese people uninformed, unaware, and unempowered. Censorship is one of the ways that governments keeps control.

  • Yes, it is, they already sensor Google for example.

    Censorship in China is a huge problem that we really only have just begun to understand. Whether it be Google and their search results being changed, or the outright squashing of political dissent, China has many issues with censorship, and we as a world need to pay attention to this.

  • The Government tries to keep people unaware.

    The Chinese government is notorious for covering up inconvenient facts and information about Chinese history and the government itself. The goal is to keep the Chinese people unaware of the authoritarian stances of the government. They don't want the people to know how the government amasses wealth for itself but keeps everyone else poor and subservient.

  • Problems have to be cover up for the greater good

    In order to build a perfect system. You have to cover these small incidents like vaccine and milk scandals. People have to be sacrified for the greater good. China is the best country in the world and it is not possible, That the party could be wrong. The chinese leaders are superior human beings, Always caring for others instead of themself. There is no corruption. It is all lies spread by foreign media to hurt China. FAKE NEWS!

  • No it is there choice

    Censorship like it is in China would never work in the US and would be a problem here. However it is the way of China and works okay for them. I am opposed to us giving negative views towards things that are different in other parts of the world. It works for them.

  • Censorship in China is not a serious problem.

    Although there is a lot of censorship in China, most Chinese people do not care about it. The government mostly censors materials that are genuinely dangerous, like pornography, an political protests. China is a prosperous and peaceful country, and most people do not want to participate in political protests as long as their life is good.

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