• It's great! Keep at it!

    Censorship in China is fantastic for the US! It deters innovative though and means that China will probably fall into the middle income trap.

    Also, many chinese academics flee to the US to work. This is also great for us! So long as China has a huge brain drain of people seeking freedom, the US benefits.

    Great for the US!

  • Censorship is best

    The chinese government has already censored social media by banning foreign social media platforms and implementing their own platforms which they can monitor. This has helped because by this, the chinese government can prevent social media users from reading fake news and other things that could be harmful. Also, as the government can monitor everything, cyberbullying and other crimes could be punished or prevented easier.

  • China's censorship is a modern innovation that has been created for good.

    People say that it's violating Freedom of speech, which is partially true, but not really. Internet censorship censors what you can read, the information that you have access to. It is not preventing you from speaking yourself or your opinions, China uses censorship mainly for those comments and information that show distorted views of communism and the country itself. Plus, 30% of China's population has access to internet by VPN's and other loopholes in the Great Firewall of China.

  • It's a protection against foreign propaganda

    Normally, censorship is a terrible thing. However, China is trying to protect itself from foreign propaganda. Information in the Western world is not free but tightly controlled by a rich elite. Technically, anyone can create a newspaper. In reality, all newspapers are bought by the top of the pyramid. The power of Western media is such that they can control people's opinion. They want to have the entire world under their control, including China. And this world is turning into a dystopian nightmare ruled by corporations. That is, a mix of the mad scientists of Monsanto, Baphomet-worshipping Rockefeller and the Big Brother of Facebook. If the cost of standing up against that nightmare is some censorship rules then I would say it's for the best.

  • The Current State of China Requires Censorship

    As you all may know, China is HUGE. There are many different cultures and immensely wide range of qualities of life. Even though to some, the government of China seems very controlling, but in actual fact they, relatively, have little control over the whole country. Places like Xinjiang, where it, in comparison, is underdeveloped, currently have a lot of racial riots going on between the contrasting cultures of the minorities and the Chinese (race, not citizenship). Tourists aren't even allowed to stay in their local hotels, for fear that any bloodshed would ruin the owner's businesses. And then there is RURAL China, where the farmers and villagers thrive and run free in their large pieces of land. Yes, most of them farm, but there is also a stunning and thorough market of kidnapped children, cleverly hidden away from law enforcers (most of which are also corrupt). So if China does not even have the manpower, integrity and resources to maintain these pressing issues, imagine if they are let loose into the wondrous and limitless realm of the Internet, China would then SPIN out of control. Furthermore, as I have already said, China is HUGE. They have their own booming entertainment industries which most are satisfied with and they sometimes even have access to international films and music earlier than other countries (for those who are concern about this). On another note, there are indeed people in the black market that hack computers, sites and such or run illegal global businesses, but thanks to censorship this number isn't alarmingly high (actually it is...Just not as high). All in all, only until China reaches a point where they can actually handle their own internal affairs, they might then be able to let their citizens step into international www.

  • Censorship in China Senseless

    To China, censoring its own citizens is for the best. For every citizen in China though, such actions are misguided and oppressive. No country's citizens should have to deal with censorship on the level of the Chinese people. With that in mind, China needs to end its constant censorship as soon as possible.

  • No, it isn't

    The "journalism" in China is such a joke because of this it makes following publications out of the country a complete waste of time. There are a lot of things China does wrong, we're talking about a country so overrun by pollution it has to put up giant monitors of sunsets so people can feel like they're actually seeing one. Censorship is completely out of control in China.

  • Chinese censorship is protecting a corrupt system.

    Censorship in China is for the government. They are the worst government in terms of human rights, and also in terms of environmental policy. By censoring the Internet, China is able to keep many of its citizens ignorant of how harsh and corrupt the ruling body is. They're going to have to change eventually.

  • Censorship anywhere is never for the best.

    People have a right to information. They have a right to news and to be able to access what is going on in the world. Censorship is never a good thing anywhere. Although, not censoring things can cause some problems, it is way better than censorship. I believe that almost nothing should be censored.

  • No oo much censorship is bad

    I do think there should be some form of censorship but the censorship in China is too much. There comes a point where you are not just censoring society but rather are robbing society of their rights. In many ways the censorship in China has crossed this line and is harming society.

  • Censorship is never for the best.

    It is not for a government to say what its people should or not should be able to see, write or hear. Keeping people in the dark turns them into depressive zombies and simply robots of the state, which seems to serve China's purpose well; except that it is an abuse of power.

  • Censorship In Any Respect Is Bad

    Censorship is nothing more than the manifestation of the “Big Brother Complex”, especially in this instance. It can serve no purpose in any civilized society. The objective of censorship in China is even more so reprehensible, because it is leveled by a governmental regime for no other reason than to keep the public masses “toeing the line” so to speak. China’s censorship is inhumane, and wrong, but then again censorship in just about any form is wrong.

  • No, censorship in China is not for the best

    No, I do not believe that censorship in China is for the best, and instead that all citizens of China should be able to view any content that they want. I think that censorship creates a poor environment for people to improve their knowledge, and that censorship in China should come to an end.

  • Censorship is never for the best

    Censorship is a tool used by the ruling elite to ensure that they remain in power and it is only of benefit to those among their number. By censoring ideas, not only are the common folk restricted in their personal freedoms, but the free exchange of ideas, vital to the health and success of any social, political or economic system, is retarded and the people will suffer for it much more than the powerbrokers will.

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