• Yes it is

    We need censorship so no one hates on trump anymore, It should be iilegal to disrespect such a grate man. We need to be like russia( what a greate country) putin and trump will do such amazing things and you snowflakes have no idea what you'r talking bout. Get over it

  • Never. At all

    Free speech is what is essential to human rights and dignity. It allows society the change to grow through diverse ideas. Through free speech tolerance is suppose to be created and lived. Anyone who actually advocates censorship is is in effect advocating to have their human rights taken away permanently.

  • Never. Its not good

    Censorship is the suppression of society, And should never be tolerated. Free speech is very important to live a healthy life. Saying censorship is needed is like saying take my rights away, And my ability to protest. The left very much likes to protest, And some leftist are against free speech, Which would just take their protesting rights away. Contradicting themselves, And its very funny.

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