• Yes it is

    Cencorship is needed as the internet is getting so massive and everything is on the internet, they should block and cencor porn sites and bomb making sites as this is what crerates criminals!!!! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  • Our society needs to grow, it is a necessary evil.

    Unfortunately, our America is a very bad country. There are people everywhere who will try to persuade you to their opinions forcefully, or there will be some sort of pornographic content on the internet. Also I think it is really not absolutely needed, in order to help our generation grow up and become more mature, then we can attempt to stop censorship.

  • Yes it is

    We need Censorship because otherwise we will see things that we aren't meant to see or know about. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . .. . . . .

  • Censorship IS needed

    Without censorship, we would be exposed to way more things than we should be. This is showing children and teens to inappropriate content. I personally think that it is very important for the sake of children and teens minds. Censorship is a good good thing whether we would like to admit it

  • Strong relationship builder

    Most of the things are caught by observation & exposure. Unpleasant visuals or verbal arguments & constant issues of deference create a negative impact on the blooming mind & psyche of the young people. The actions of scorn may be momentary & fade away but they have painted a wrong picture on the youth's mind. Such are the common place scenes of domestic life which play a vital role in grooming the youth. Censored & cautious behavior of the adults will string in a strong bonding. Wrecking relationships, declining values & indifferent attitudes rising up in today's world is a direct consequence of no censorship.

  • What does the public do with knowledge?

    Remember when children had to hunt for their dads magazines, if he had any, or wait til the "talk", before they found out about sex? Now i have a 5 year little cousin who watched a video with his friends phone about sex. Tell me please, that you want your 5 year old watching that stuff. Because you shouldn't. He has the completely wrong idea about the entire action of it. I'm afraid that without censorship that this will continue!

  • Censorship is necessary

    For example, Censoring of pornographic material can prevent the corrupting of the society, especially the younger generation. Censoring anti-government contents can provide stability to the society. Without censorship, anti-government groups may make use of the mass media to stir the emotion of the public. Government may even lose the support of the people due to untrue or exaggerated accusations made by the anti-government groups since the reliability of the content shared without censorship are questionable.

  • Censorship protects the next generation.

    To all those that oppose censorship, my question is: If censorship is unnecessary, why do you keep certain things away from your kids? When exposed to toxic information, people have the tendency to become morally depraved. Censorship is a great tool when used correctly, the question is how to effective apply it, how to censor the least amount of information to create the best environment for society?

  • Something need to censored

    Yes, unfortunately censorship is needed. From the general public to the media, if there was no censorship people would let various things just fall out of their mouths. There has to be rules and regulations or society would run ramped. There is a certain level of respect for the listening audience that should be maintained.

  • Censorship is dumb.

    Thanks Obama. Now censorship is everywhere all hidden everywhere in the world of the government. If its a free country why are they keeping us from reality we are Americans we can handle this. Censorship in the media isn't necessary anymore because whether it be a swear word or naked body, not much is left to the imagination.

  • It's Not Anymore

    Censorship isn't needed anymore, ever since the internet became wide spread you can access beheadings, porn and other things with next to no security checks. Plus the censorship is so messed up today, you can have people like Miley Cyrus basically dry hump a wrecking ball and you can watch that on TV but you can't say the word gun. It's just really stupid, plus censorship on things meant for adults anyway is dumb as well such as South Park Stick of Truth being censored even though its an 18 game they still censor it in case it makes it into the hands of kids. That's the parents problem not the developers and not the shops problem.

  • Why should we need it?

    Censorship puts limitations on our knowledge, thus stunting our mental growth. It limits our creativity and hides truths. If your not lieing you should not need to censor anything. It also shelters us from the harsh realities that are present in today's world. Censorship is not helping anyone, it is just making lives more difficult.

  • Censorship isn't necessary

    Censorship is not needed because information that is blocked online can easily be found somewhere else if someone really wanted to find it and censoring information restricts what people are allowed to express and their individual thought in general. Kids on the internet lie about their age all the time to get the blocked content. If even children are smart enough to get access to blocked material who is to say adults can't do the same thing for even worse purposes

  • Self-Expression cannot be explained without it

    I believe it is important to be able to express yourself. If people cannot say exactly what they feel, what is the point in talking? Another factor I believe is that is is completely unnecessary. It's not as if people do not know what it is. An example is when the middle finger is blurred out. I don't think that people don't know what it is. It's not as if people think, " Oh, what could that blurred out thing be? Maybe an elephant? Maybe an umbrella? Oh, I really don't know!" I believe its important that people can express themselves with their own choice of words.

  • Censorship is not needed

    Censorship is just another tool of the nanny state to keep the information available twisted to the right degree to shed a positive or negative light on any given situation. Each story, each situation is flipped and turned then analyzed to find the angle needed to create the response wanted by the given outlet. Everything we read, watch, hear and think we understand has been manipulated in some way before we experience it.

  • Because what would it be needed for ?

    I believe it isn't because I don't know any argument that justifies thinking otherwise. Why hide a part of reality? People are entitled to know the truth, aren't they? I don't think there's anything bad about letting people see what's there. So no, I do not believe that censuring things is needed.

  • Censorship is not needed.

    Censorship is like keeping your child in a bubble. Your child develops the idea that the only things that exist are the things inside of the bubble. When they become a certain age, their bubbles pop, and they are exposed to everything else, they are completely unprepared. Parents shouldn't keep their children in this metaphorical bubbles, because they might not understand other's beliefs. If they are exposed to this from a very early age, they will understand that they don't have to share the same beliefs, but they must respect them. Also, everyone has different opinions on what is offensive. An atheist might find a Bible in a library to be offensive, but once it is removed, some Christians will feel offended. Nobody wins! If things are censored, humans will never learn to respect other's beliefs.

  • Its to much

    Society is the government's dog. We are letting the gove. Tell us something then we just accept it with no questions. With the way we are going in the gove. Said sit lay and roll over, a lot of us would. It's the ones that don't that let the government know that we are humans with a brain. To all of the ones who are with me... NEVER CHANGE YOUR HEART

  • I don't mind it

    Kids will eventually find out, we should prepare them for the worst. Censorship should be needed for nudity but other things are A OK. So calm the hell down and let your kids free. Censorship is bad and kids should know what they will face when they go in to there adult years.

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