• Yup media should be censored

    Censoring of media is essential. There are many shows shown on television which are not supposed to be seen by kids and sometimes kids are able to. This affects the mindset of the kids and they began having wild thoughts at a young age. Thus media should be totally censored.

  • Censoring media is essential.

    Censoring media is essential. Children and other sensitive groups do not need to be exposed to the harsh reality of media these days. Television shows can be utterly obscene without the censoring, and young children should not be subject to that type of horrible obscenity before they have to be.

  • No, free information is essential.

    No, censorship of the media is essential. In fact, it is a terrible thing. People need to freely receive information, from all viewpoints, if they are to make informed choices. People should not be ruled by their government, and a free press is essential to make sure that people know what is happening in their country.

  • Censorship is never essential

    Censorship is simply a way to cover up unpopular or dangerous (to the established order) opinions, and we need to face the facts that censorship is always done for this purpose, never for the public good or any other excuses censors make up. Censorship should never happen and we should never trust it.

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