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  • Well of course

    You know that if a child goes on the internet the child can look at any part of the internet and if one stumbles on a ''nice'' looking lady and they come down stairs traumatized its your fault for not stopping this. This is coming from a child point of view. I am a child

  • Helpful in society

    Censorship can be helpful. Say that your country is in the middle of a war or something. Why would you give people a reason to worry over something that they don't need to? Why make them stress out over something they have no reason to? If every government told their people everything, there would be constant worry over nothing. Pointless worry is not a good thing for a country... Especially one in the middle of a war.

  • Internet Censorship is necessary

    Why? Internet censorship can block all those bad sites for the youth (porn, hate sites, etc). Internet censorship is good. An unprotected internet is insecure for almost everyone. Blocking all hateful content and against the government should be blocked. Also Twitter (which causes a lot of problems in different countries).

  • Censoring is the way to go...

    Censoring helps to keep society safe and stable. With out it children would mainly be affected by it.The internet being censored can help people in a positive way. Censoring can prevent problems from happening. In a world full of bullying censoring can help a youngster to block their problems away. If censoring was gone there would be an increase in bullying and there would be fewer suicides around the world. Bullying has the chance to be prevented by blocking. Parents can also block unnecessary people on their kid’s social networks.

  • Protects Society, Protects our Children

    Imagine your child browsing the internet, doing research for a project, or just browsing around. Chances are, he or she will note find anything pornographic, violent, or gory, thanks to internet censorship. Without it, he or she would be encountering this type of content on a daily basis, scarring them for life. Do you really want this to happen to your children? No. No one does.
    Censorship also prevents offensive or damaging material from reaching its intended target. No one likes to be bullied, and whether it's a kid on the playground being beat up the neighborhood bully, or an entire race of people getting hurt by an offensive video, it's never good. You've surely seen those depression advertisements. Truth is, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as depression and suicide rates, have skyrocketed in the past decade, since the internet became popular and widely used. Surely the offensive material has found a way to sneak past censorship and successfully targeted an unfortunate victim. Without internet censorship, the already high numbers for drug and alcohol abuse, as well as depression and suicide rates, will continue to rise, and faster than ever before.

  • Censorship for certain ages

    I agree everyone has there right to the internet and the knowlege on here. But each year the younger the age the more they now about stuff that they shuld not and effects greatly onthere life. Ignorance is bliss and i believe we should have an age limit to what they can search up on the internet.

  • Censorship is great

    Do you want your child watching pornography or violent movies and grew up being violent to you or other people. If i were you i would support internet censorship to help the future of our kids and grand kids. Thank you you listening to hope i could change your mind.

  • Censorship is for the greater good

    Censorship, Although violates our right of free speech, It should be acted upon and made stricter because yes you can say parents should be on top of their kids and such but no matter what a child will do anything to go behind your back. Another point id like to make is that hate speech is not free speech. Cyber bulling is getting higher and higher every year and causes for people to commit suicide. Suicide is not only the 3rd highest death reason in the US but it has to be prevented.

  • Imagine you are six again

    Your parents just allowed you to surf the web for the first time. The first thing a child would do is playing games. Most game websites involve ads. If a child clicked in a unappropriated ad, the child would be saved because it is blocked. If the website wasn't blocked, the child would be exposed to pornography, a computer virus, and much more.

  • Censorship is good for your kids and young adults.

    Censorship is good for kids and long adults because it protects them from harmful and inappropriate things. I mean you dont want your kindergartener going to school and accidentally seeing porn. That could mentally scare them and cause them to have a serious mental illness when they are older. Censorship is also good because it protects the safety for kids so they dont get stolen, raped, killed.... Ect. CENSORSHIP IS A GOOD THING. CENSORSHIP IS IMPORTANT!!!

  • Censorship is a violation against our rights and personal freedom

    We should be able to express our beliefs and opinions it's part of the first amendment, The government shouldn't limit that. Also we can get the truth from the net, If politicians are lying to us. Not only that we can rise up together using blog and social media sites. The internet is important for expressing our feelings and unifying, No has the right to take that away from us

  • Censorship is a Leftist Tool to Remove Conservative Voices

    Just take a look at the nature and the types of accounts blocked or removed all over social media. They will overwhelmingly be real, Politically conservative people sharing their viewpoint and giving access to more information. Trying to cry "hate speech" or "inappropriate content" is just a cop out. The reality is people who support censorship really do not care about freedom or security and only want to see opinions they do not like removed for erroneous and factually dishonest reasons. In terms of protecting children, I say grow up, It is the parent's responsibility to monitor what their children is seeing (they also have parental controls provided by their ISP). In other countries, People have been detained, Only because they posted their political opinion (sorry Germany, Saying unrestricted immigration from Syria et. Al. Is bad for the nation is NOT "hate speech". )

  • Well in this day and age it would be simply not be the ultimate solution, Someone might find a way to support this. .

    I mean sure you would keep your kids safe from outside influences for a while but sooner or later they are going to have to understand the dangers in order to know how to avoid and or overcome them. Censorship wouldn't keep people from being able to explore the Internet, It would be just like in the 1920's when the prohibition act was still active; despite intoxicating beverages being illegal for people to produce, Sell, And distribute, They still had the ability to access it. And not only did it backfire, But it also caused crime rates involving negligent use of intoxicating substances to increase. What I'm basically trying to say is, Censuring the Internet isn't going to make people any safer, If anything it would be putting uninformed people in even more danger.

  • Censorship is destructive

    Censorship removes the ability for freedom of speech. Censorship destroys and hides what we should embrace. Censorship will only benefit those in power. Nearly all of the individuals inopposition of censorship will argue against it because of its pornographic side (and how its not 'child-safe' without censorship). Let me refut that argument by asking you this; Where are the parents?. Truly, this is the guardian's responsibility, to have control and knowledge about what the child acesses.
    In addition, by promoting censorship you are not just removing pornographic sites, you are removing the controvertial issues that we need to be exposed to. You are starving yourseves and socitey from the ability of critical, intellectual thought. You are placing overwhelming power and trust in the hands of the government.
    You are ridding yourselves of the so-called freedom you wish so dearly to protect.

    Censorship will always be employed, but we should rise against it before it destroys us.

  • It doesn’t matter

    It doesn’t really matter freedom of speech freadon of rights. People come to America the night eagle of freedom. Freedom isthe power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
    "we do have some freedom of choice"
    Get over the whole idea of “Internet Censorship.”

  • If kids never get exposed to the bad they will never be able to handle the bad.

    I can see why people want censorship it will stop kids from seeing the things parents would not want them to see. But that type of protection makes them ill prepared for the future. In real life you can not truly censor a person so the things you censor will come out and get to them no matter what. Why not prepare them? If you help prepare them you can push them in the right direction instead of them maybe going the wrong way when they find it when they are alone.

  • It is not the purpose of internet to protect our child.

    It is the work of parents to keep child far from those site. But when we talk about countries who censors all internet or near because they don't want people to think by their own, it is criminal. Internet was created to have a new source of knowledge, to give people a new way to think. It is like prohibit books.

  • Censorship is bad

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  • Is our government corrupt?

    YES. Would a politician twist and bend words for his own favor? Has there ever been political lies and cheating for personal gain?

    Would internet censorship help us or more the enemy? I Mean who is censoring it? You and me or a fat pig with a agenda. Peace be with you.

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