Is chakra theory a subject worthy of further scientific study?

  • It Should Be Studied

    I believe it would be wise to further study the chakra system. For the most part this is labeled as an alternative medicine and generally it is something not brought up in the United States. I believe it could be valuable to some people regardless of rather it is scientifically proven or not.

  • Chakra theory is worthy of scientific study.

    The mind, body and spirit are all connected. Scientists should study all aspects of any theories that may provide help to those in need. Scientists should be allowed to study whatever subjects interest them. If it can benefit someone, or if it can inform people that it is a farce, the scientific study is still beneficial.

  • Many People Sense Chakras

    Many people can purportedly sense chakras. The most popular one is the so-called "third eye" that exists in the forehead. There is already a scientific basis for this third eye thanks to a small gland in the brain at that point which seems to be unknown in its use. If that is the case, other chakras should be studied as well.

  • Chakra theory is not a subject worthy of further scientific study.

    Chakra theory is not a subject worthy of further scientific study. It is not a real science, and any research into it would be a waste of time and money. Western science does not need Indian mysticism. No matter how many people believe it, that does not make it legitimate.

  • No, science and faith should leave each other alone

    Science is one thing, and faith quite another. The years of
    tradition and belief that support chakra theory should not be set in opposition
    to the tenets of science. The axioms of science have been developed in a very
    different way than the beliefs of religion. It is best to let each view go its
    own way, and to understand that many kinds of truth can coexist.

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