Is Chandler Bing (Yes) or Barney Stinson(No) is the best funny character created for sitcoms?

Asked by: abhayindian7
  • Chandler Muriel bing

    He is the original, the all time king of sarcasm. Also, you can just relate to him...He is someone you would wish to be friends with, while Barney doesn't heditate to kick you even when youre down. Plus, Matthew Perry is a far better actor any day. Chandler for the win

  • Chandler bing forever

    Chandler bing is funnier . Barney is cool and awesome but he is not funny. I don't really get much of his jokes. Barney lives in a fantasy world while chandler is like a guy next door . When chandler opens his mouth my world gets better. Try watching both and compare them

  • Chandler bing is the best thing that ever happened to sitcoms everywhere

    He is funny and inspires all the tv shows that come afterwards! He is witty and comical and is everything anyone else wants to be in their lives. Barney Stinson is also really mean and all of his jokes are mean or not funny and anyway if anything Marshall would be the Chandler of HIMYM not Barney who has no personality

  • Shall I use my invisibility to fight crime? Or for evil ...

    Obviously, the sarcasm of the character, the extraordinary ability to turn almost every statement funny by joking either on him or the others was brilliant. Surely, Barney Stinson also keeps his ambience very humorous by holding on to his unique interests and challenges but Bing has a wider range of things to establish humour onto.
    Certainly, the quotes written for Chandler has a major contribution in the strength of his comic timing and thanks to Matthew Perry some of whose original quotes were utilised for the character build up, the credit also goes to the following qualifications holded by him :
    * He behaves sometimes as gay and is very well perceived by the world as same.
    * His strong fear of relationships and reactions for a probable one in sight.
    * His first conversations with the strangers.
    * His inability to lie and yet trying the same repeatedly.

  • Barney Stinson is

    Just by default of Chandler Bing being from that stupid show. Honestly "Friends" has got to be the biggest POS show I've ever seen. "Friends" is the worst. The worst. A show for those who love being on Sodahead, so "Friends" is a piece of crap. Piece of crap. Lol

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