• A Way For People To Increase Happiness Globally.

    Donating and helping others, is the first, and foremost way to increase your happiness. Donating to change.Org, not only increases your happiness, but aids the recipient of your donation. Our world needs a little more happiness to spread around. I believe change.Org is a great way to globally spread happiness and change serious issues. Donate now: change.Org

  • Yes i think that would make a good investment.

    The reasons I think that would make a good investment is because they are something legit with real people actually in action, trying to prevent negative things from happening. Also has proven themselves, as they have already raised up to $15 million before. They are a great company to invest in

  • Yes it can be

    It really depends on what the subject is, what you care about, and what you find one there. You can find some really great things on there, that you can really put your heart into, and then some of it is just meh. But maybe things that are meh to me are awesome to other. It's all about perspective.

  • I Think It Is

    I think is a good investment. I think the platform will prove important to democracy and it could be more beneficial than it is now. Our government needs to catch up with technology in ways that improve the citizens lives. We are moving towards a internet connected country and we should utilize that so more people can express their opinions.

  • A way for people to express their views and get support allows people to voice their concerns and spread the message for their own petitions. There is no judgment as people can choose to support whatever cause they feel, but more importantly it shares awareness of things that the media may not pick up on. Does it make a difference? By trying, you always make a difference.

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