• The northern (England)-based network that gave "Friends" popularity

    One more reason to hate those damn blokes. Even BBC talks good about "Seinfeld" once in a while. Chanel 4 has never. They never gave "Seinfeld" a chance. Who runs that network? A f--king Klansman or something? Seriously, that networks sucks ----s. One of the most racist networks to ever exist. I'm sure Yorkshire and Leeds are proud.

  • Yes it is now

    The channel became a tabloid shithole when they got rid of the spinning logo back in the early 90's. Up to then it was the place to go for intelligent , original programmes that made you think. Now it is cheap muck, from come dime with me to naked dating, its all about voyeurism and exploitation. Shame you can't see any of early channel 4 anywhere oline, its been completely airbrushed from history. None of it even on youtube apart from a few old episodesof brookside.

  • It is not that bad

    Channel 4 is not that bad, is it? I don't understand how Channel 4 is racist. Channel 4 has aired a great variety of different programs the majority being comedy related. Channel 4 sometimes shows films now and then (an example of this, is "THIS IS ENGLAND", a film created to raise awareness about racism and nationalism). Also, why is the photo for the topic showing BBC?

  • The news is good

    Channel 4 News is, in my humble opinion, the most un-biased news programme on the tv. BBC News shows you only what it wants to show and often only sees one side of the argument. I really enjoy C4 News when they have two people arguing both side of the debate because it gives the audience a chance to make their own mind up based on the whole argument.
    In regards to the other programmes, some are good and some are bad but you get that with all tv channels, everybody is different and so will like watching different things.

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