• No proof exists

    If it were real, it would have been proven conclusively. Would these "entities" not be clamoring to answer the sceptics? A discarnate entity would have access to all kinds of information that could be confirmed, from inconsequential to earth-shattering. I, and all who demand extraordinary proof for extraordinary claims, are still waiting to see it.

  • I think so

    I think that channeling is a hoax. There is no real concrete evidence to support it as a real thing. People claim that channeling is real, but most of them turn out to be phonies. Because of the lack of credible people, channeling seems to be a hoax. All the evidence that supports it is shaky.

  • Yes, it is definitely.

    Yes, channeling and any other type of "psychic" acts are all hoaxes. There is no way to prove that they are real or a hoax, but we know how all the tips and techniques involved in channeling. Often a so called psychic will employ a tactic known as cold reading where they simply throw out common names and things until they get a response from the victim.

  • It's a complete fraud and hoax.

    That's like asking if your dad doing the "got your nose" trick when you were seven actually did snatch the nose off your face. There is no such thing as channeling. The people doing it might be under some form of self-hypnosis thinking that it's real, or they could be outright frauds. But whatever the reason, channeling is a complete hoax.

  • It's A Hoax

    I believe channeling, the act or practice of serving as a medium through which a spirit guide purportedly communicates with living persons, is a hoax. If this were possible I believe we would see professionals exhibit these talents, and we would also have scientific evidence to support this theory. We have neither.

  • Sometimes but not always

    Many people that are seen on television commercials are fake and frauds but that doesn't mean all are. I believe that there are some type of energies around us that we can not see but can occasionally feel. Some people may be more sensitive to these types of energies and may be able to channel them more clearly than others.

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