• If Charizard isn't a dragon..

    Then Blastoise isn't a turtle, because it's not a "Turtle" type. Arcanine is not a dog, because it's not a "Dog" type. Krabby isn't a crab, because it's not a "Crab" type. Rapidash isn't a horse, because it's not a "Horse" type. The Legendary Birds aren't really birds because they're not "Bird" type.

    You catch my meaning. In truth, they really aren't, they're Pokemon. But I mean, come on. Charizard's a dragon the same way Moltres is a bird, or any Pokemon that bears a resemblance to a "real" animal.

  • His name does not say otherwise.

    People argue that the name "Charizard" was made by two parts. "Char" which means burning and "Izard" which came from "lizard". So people say that he is a lizard not a dragon, but if you think about it... Aren't dragons flying, elemental breathing, intelligent lizards themselves. (I didn't say fire breathing because dragons can breathe other things too like ice and acid)

  • Duh. Of course he is!

    Mega Charizard X's secondary typing is dragon. Mega-evolution is "a way to release a Pokémon's true potential"(From Bulbapedia). So... Yeah.
    I need word filler so:
    Charizard is a dragon! Charizard is a dragon! Charizard is a dragon! Charizard is a dragon! Charizard is a dragon! Charizard is a dragon! Charizard is a dragon!

  • It's plainly obvious!

    It's simple to say that Charizard is indeed a dragon. Despite the fact that he is Fire/Flying, that does not mean that his anatomical buildup, which would definitely override his simple typing aspects, would point straight towards the word "Dragon." Let's look at what a dragon is. A dragon is a reptilian creature either of bipedal or quadropedal stature that is able to fly via naturally acquired wings and breathe fire out of their mouths. Charizard comes to my mind almost every time those adjectival words come to head. Even then, in the Pokémon universe's aspects, he's still a dragon. He is able to learn dragon type moves, in the dragon type egg group, and is even in teams led that of dragon type people, like champion Lance. Game Freak wanted to show that he is still a dragon without giving him that type (Because he would have been way too powerful in the first games) but unless they make a triple type setup in future generations, in which it is obvious he would get the dragon typing, Charizard will stay as the one and only dragon that can stop the reign of the fairy types.

  • I'd say so.

    Sure, his type may be Fire/Flying, but that's most likely because there are no Triple Types. If there were, I can assure you that his would be Fire/Flying/Dragon. His looks is exactly that of a dragon. Scales, wings, claws, tail, long head, mouth like a dragon and he breathes fire.

  • I think so.

    I have always believed that Charizard was a dragon. Although he looks more like a baby dinosaur in his less evolved forms, he looks very much like the typical depiction of a dragon in his final evolution. He has wings and he breathes fire, just like traditional dragons usually do.

  • No, charizard is not a dragon

    As any Pokemon enthusiast can tell you, Charizard's types are Fire/Flying. Although he resembles a dragon, he is not in the Pokemon universe. He can learn dragon type moves, but this characteristic alone does not classify him as a dragon. However he has been described as a dragon by many reviewers in the anime field.

  • Search on google

    It says it is specifically a fire/flying type not a dragon type there is many facts to prov that even the creators intended him to be a fire/flying type the only type of charizard i the mega x version of him but he can learn dragon type moves so there he is not a dragon

  • Not a dragon.

    He's not a dragon. More like a dinosaur. Ok? Don't get it? I'll explain. 1-Though Charizard resembles a Western Dragon, this would be strange for someone in Japan-or anywhere in Asia- to call a dragon. Asian dragons are more snakelike and have no wings. They are more associated with water and weather.
    2-Dragons. Don't. Walk. On. Their. Back. Feet. I make this point a lot. Sorry for my many full stops back there, I groan about this all the time. Dragons walk on four feet. Charizard is more like a wyvern, just with two arms. Thank you.

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