Is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 2005 better than Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 1971?

Asked by: adossetter
  • 100% everything is better.

    The child acting is far superior in this than in the first. Johnny Depp is the perfect Willy Wonka. The effects look a lot better, And the factory is a lot more magical. The color theory is impressive as well, As everything gets less and less colorful as we move along in the story. The oompa loompa songs are far superior to the original's as well.

  • Everything is better!

    I think the new movie has so much more to offer than the old one! I think the characters in it are better, As well as the fact that the factory is more detailed as we get to see more of it and all the cool rooms this time around! I also like how Charlie has a father, As well as seeing Willie Wonka's father. Also, The visuals and graphics are better since it's a newer movie, Especially with the gobstopper, Which they finally got right after 34 years! The songs are also way cooler, Even though they're only in the factory scenes, Even the welcome song at the beginning of the factory tour, And I also think the Oompa Loompa songs are cooler this time around as well, As they're longer and have different decades of music to them! The original was good for it's time, But a newer movie eventually outcompetes the old one in one way or another!

  • Not as iconic.

    Imagination sung by Gene Wilder is one of the most known songs in all of cinema. The songs in the Tim Burton version might be more accurate to the book as well as the scene with the squirrels but the older rendition has more charm. And Tim Burton movies suck.

  • The 2005 one is absolute garbage, The older one has much more to offer. A lot of movie remakes are trash anyways.

    I prefer the original Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory from 1971 with Gene Wilder. It's such an iconic well known movie that kids from generations to come will remember it. I remember watching it in 7th grade music class a few years ago and I very much enjoyed it.

  • New one is creepy by Tim Burton

    The movie tried so hard to be modern and to be more appealing. The visuals were great but Tim kept giving creepy tones and the the songs cannot match the iconic ones of the past.
    Plus the orange oompalupas looked more like a unappealing man rather than a fantastical creature.
    Johnny debt was weird eccentric but not willy wonka eccentric. I liked that they gave Willy wonka more backstory though.
    Overall it was okay but the iconic one is the old one.

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