• Of course he is

    This guy is satanic and into some sick stuff... Such as:
    Corey Feldman accuses him of raping Corey Haim and that it was a big factor in his suicide. His wife admits he was into very questionable porn, like kids and that. She also accuses him of abusing them. He likes to abuse people just as much as substances and now he's kinda reaping what he has sown. Turn to Christ before it's too late.

  • Charlie Sheen low Chaaracter

    The position I have taken in agreeing that Charlie Sheen is of low character is solely based on his portrayal in the media, since I do not personally know the man. The fact that he drinks a lot, does drugs and sleeps with numerous women even though he is HIV positive, leads to the conclusion that he might be a man of low character.

  • Yes, his actions show that he does not care about anything.

    Charlie Sheen has been in the news multiple times over the years for many negative things. For example, around Christmas of 2009, he was arrested for domestic violence. His wife had called the cops because during their argument, he pulled a knife and threatened her. He has also been in the news for his drug problem that cost him the long-running show Two and a Half Men.

  • Nobody is able to judge a person's character.

    Charlie Sheen has lived his life according to his own set of rules. Some people may disagree with those rules, but they are not ours to follow. People should be true to themselves and do what makes them happy, providing it does not harm others. Humans each have their own experiences and genetic makeup, which makes their desires, reactions, and interactions unique to them. No one can truly know what is right for someone else, unless they have walked in their shoes from the moment they were born.

  • Charlie Sheen is Charlie Sheen

    I do not know Charlie Sheen. All I know about him comes from the media, and I do not trust that information to be correct all of the time. Who are we to judge weather he is a person of low character or not? God judges him. I do not.

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