Is Che Guevara as bad as Americans make him out to be?

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  • American omissions and lies portray Che as evil

    El Che led a rebellion against the dictatorial and oppressive Batista regime; a regime backed by the U.S. government. As a radical leftist in the United States, I am often presented with the argument that Che was a psychopathic murderer. These people especially bring up the fact that Che presided over La Cabana Fortress, a large-scale prison, after he toppled the Batista government with Castro. In La Cabana, he ordered executions of hundreds of people. People often say that these executions were of innocent people, when in actuality the executions were of criminals and counter-revolutionaries fighting for the Batista government and corrupt, criminal Batista government officials. Under this logic, Barack Obama, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan are all murderers, as executions of criminals happened under their presidency. Additionally, it is important to note that La Cabana, before being used by the Castro government, was a prison camp that was instated and utilized by the Batista regime, which was backed by the U.S. Does this mean that the U.S. are also murderers? Or does it only work for one side of the argument? American lies and omissions push the image of El Che as evil upon the people and hide the government's own faults.

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