• Is cheating unfair to others

    Cheating is unfair to people who try hard to get a good grade and study. If you get an f on a test that you study for and the person who cheated got an a you would be mad because you tried and they did not and that's not fair.

  • Cheating is unfair to others.

    Cheating is unfair to others. Students who work hard for their grades shouldn't have to compete with those who aren't doing their own work. Also, people will someday believe in your abilities. If your abilities are not real because you cheated, you will let those people down. So don't ever cheat people!!

  • Cheating is good for everyone.

    The idea that someone owns his or her information and work is an illusion that should be seen through. The concept of ownership and individualism is corrupt and leads to domination and oppression. What really matters is the community and cheating (the sharing of things that cannot really be owned by one person) means the perpetuation and survival of the progress of our species. What is unfair is a school system that allows the laziness of a person to be rewarded, (i.E. Tests and projects that make it possible for one to not work for answers) Life is full of people working together to accomplish a common goal. Schools do not promote, other than through extra-curricular activities, teamwork.

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