• Cheer is a sport

    Cheering is a sport because cheerleaders practice just as much as other sports and do the same amount of work, and it's not easy. And in compeitive cheer we lift people and have to catch them and for 2 and a half mintues we don't breath. And yeah it's just a sport!

  • It is a sport.

    I am a cheerleader. This requires hard work nd conditioning. ONly half the cheer times "sideline cheer" Sideline ceering is where people get the steryotypical idea that it's not because we just wave pom poms. Yeah that is true but thats not what we are practicing for. Behind the scenes we are practicing for a competition against teams from eaither each state to each country around the world. Whoever has the better score goes up to the next eveluntil there are a few teams left. Then they cheer to the death. The REALY competitive cheer practices almost every day a week. So, if cheer isn't considered a sport, how is bowling?

  • YES it is read to know why it is

    So I have been doing competitive allstar cheerleading for 6 years so what im about to say is all true and i have experiance with or have watched and researched vary strongly.Ive been to 3 diffrent cheer gyms in washington so i have experianced diffrent coachig and gym owning diffrences in my type of cheerleading you want to go to a amazing gym you can get good training and have amazing experinces but anyways back to the topic.In cheer you have 4 diffrent things like Tumbling,Jumps,dance,andSTUNTING<the most dangours thing in cheer in stunting you can throw a girl or boy up in the air abouve 20ft high that is really dangourse expesalliy if you dont know how to catch them they can get serious injures as in a viedo from a couple years ago cheer went against football to try to get cheer a sport news said that cheer is the secand most dangours sport THE NEWS SAID THAT SO MAYBE TAKE A CHANCE AND BELIVE IT RIGHT THERE anyways i forgot the right amount but you guys can proubly look it up but more cheerleaders died and got injured than football players.Now tumbling theres lots of blind spots and some bad stuff just happends that is hard to explain but guys just look it up it explains why cheer is or is not a sport and then you will know i feel like it should but yall should just look it up

  • Cheer is definitely a sport

    Y'all can fight me! Cheerleading is the most difficult sport out there! You are not only putting your life in danger but others too. If you ask any doctor, they will tell you that they get more injuries from cheerleading then from football or any other sport. I have broken both wrists, sprained my wrists and ankles, and gotten a concussion from cheerleading. Cheerleading is my life, I have done it for at least 7 years now and I always get heated whenever that question is asked.

    Cheerleading is a fricken sport! Do you consider gymnastics a sport, how about dance? Well, cheerleading is a mix of both and we lift people.

    Y'all can fight me. Cash me outside how bah daht

  • Cheer is a sport

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  • Cheer is 100 percent a sport

    Cheer is 100 percent a sport. It is a sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport sport!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yes cheerleaders are athletes

    You are competing with physical activity. There are six definitions of a sport and cheer falls into everyone of them. Not football on the sidelines but at competitions when you do a complicated routine. You have a complicated Two minute and thirty second routine.
    It is a sport sport sport

  • You might not think cheer is a sport but it 100 percent is.

    Cheerleaders do not just cheer on the sidelines the compete up on mats and they tumble, dance, jump, show spirit, and cheer all at the same time, I think that's pretty darn talented. Oh i forgot to mention they do it all in 2:30! Yeah I'm a cheerleader and I'm proud to be one it being a sport or not.

  • Cheer is a sport

    Tell me why cheer isnt a sport yes we wave pom poms some cheerleaders do. Not all of us if you tried cheer you wouldnt last a few practices. Cheer is a sport. Cheer has more ingurys then any other sport. Still dont think cheer is a sport look up the defintion of sport

  • Yes, cheer is a sport.

    Yes, cheer is a sport.
    Anything that people train for in order to compete is a sport. Cheer is actually a very difficult sport to
    participate in. Have you ever seen a
    cheer tournament? There is a lot of
    gymnastics involved. You have to be
    highly skilled and extremely acrobatic to cheer.

  • Technically Not But Has Athletic Ability

    Technically it's not. It has all of the athletic requirements needed • It must be a physical activity which involves propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of mass. (Stunting… check)!
    • “Contesting” or competing against/with an opponent is required (Competition… check)!
    • It must be governed by rules that explicitly define the time, space, and purpose of the contest and the conditions under which a winner is declared. (Time limit, mat size, score sheets… check, check, check)!
    • Acknowledgement that the primary purpose of the competition is a comparison of the relative skills of the participants. (You know those competitions on ESPN? Those are national championships… check)! But technically the main purpose of cheer is to cheer on the sidelines. Competition comes second. But other than that cheer has everything athletic wise to be considered a sport. And anyways if it was a sport we couldn't go to nationals so it's Okay! :)

  • It is more of an event.

    There is no direct competition between teams. Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, etc have you pitting your skill directly against your opponent. You can have an impact on your score AND your opponent's (by having good or poor defense to stop or allow their scores). Since Cheer does not have the option to go directly against your opponent, it is not a sport.

  • It's totally not a sport

    How do you win at cheerleading? You don't, which is why cheerleading really isn't a sport. In all seriousness though, cheerleading may require lots of practice, hardwork, commitment and all that jazz, but it's not a sport. Just because you have competitions and go to practice doesn't mean you participate in a sport. If that was a case than chess club, band, and other extracurricualr activities of that nature would also be considered sports.

  • Cheer is not a sport and never will be a sport

    Never will cheer be a sport. Yeah, you move around and do physical activity, but you also move around and do physical activity when you move furniture or even pick up sticks from your yard. Are either one of those sports? No. You can't have a sport supporting a REAL sport, it doesn't work like that. Oh yay, they do flips and twist that many people can't do, big whoop. They compete in competitions? Okay, they have basket weaving competitions, does that make it a sport? Cheer is just a hobby it's definitely not a sport.

  • No it is not a sport

    Cheer is not a sport as you dont have any athledic ability what so ever as you shake you butt and wave pom poms around . And the ones who cant play an actuall sport say that cheer is a sport. The ones in real sports say that cheer is not a sport. Cheer is not a sport

  • Nooooo nooooo noooooo

    No everyone says it is a sport ITS NOT CHEERLEADERS ARE STUPID and they act like they are cool they are not h h h h h h f f f f g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g g g

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  • Not really a sport

    It isnt really a sport it is mostly just having enthusiasm... And doing sports.... I guess... For example the cheerleaders on basketball teams just sit most of the time watching or texting. And in football, alot of the time the enthusiasm is what counts. Not what they are really doing. Plus they do like no running at all.

  • No its notzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Why would u consider cheer a sport it is boring and not a sport sport sport sport sport sport sport not a sport sport sport sport sport sport not a sport sport sport sport not a sport cheer is not a sport!!!!!!!! It is not a sport sport not a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No defense !

    Other teams have no impact on your final score. Theoretically you can have a competition over skype. Cheerleading characterizes as an athletic the same way the 100 meter dash is an athletic. It's cool to be able to compare athletic performances side by side but the performances themselves have no direct impact on either team.

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