• Cheer is a sport!

    I do cheerleading! All-star cheerleading. Not that school cheer stuff with pompoms. The definition of a sport is competing agaisnt other teams and having a goal. I'd like to see all you other people who say cheer isn't a sport do the flips (or technical term, tumbling) that we do. I'd like to see you lift up another girl who is your size or bigger and hold her up there and do a full stunt sequence without dropping her. I'd like to see you throw a girl in the air and actually catch her. Its proven that cheer is the most dangerous sport. Can't you just respect our sport because we respect yours.

  • Competition cheereading IS a sport!

    Competition cheerleading is definitley a sport!! It is actually one of the highest risk injury sports in high school. The stunts these athletes do can get very dangerous. They do high basket tosses, skilled tumbling, and dance moves that can get crazy. Some teams perform stunts that are technically illegal in the cheer world, making it more dangerous.

  • Cheerleading ? Yes

    I hate when people sit here and have the nerve to say that cheerleading is not a sport. They don't sit here and put people in the air at about 10 feet and then do a basket toss which is about 25 feet in the air. So yes, cheerleading is a sport. Cheerleading is what is most accounted for, for injuries. I am speaking on experience, I have had my nose broken and the doctor said that it was like a brick going to my nose at 40 mph. I get you you mad because you cant do what cheerleader do, its okay it will always be a sport that boys and girls love so get over it..... ITS A SPORT

  • Cheerleading is 100% a Sport!

    I personally am a cheerleader. I know what it is like to go up in the air and be scared and worried that you are going to fall. I don't think it is a sport because it is dangerous, I think it is a sport, because we compete against 10 teams at a time, we use all of or energy in the floor for two and a half minutes, we tumble, we do dances, we have to memorize counts, we have to do liberties, basket tosses, cradles, heel stretches and splits, but I bet you guys can't even do any of the stuff that I just said. If you disagree with what I am saying, go watch an all star cheerleading video. Cheerleading takes strength to lift the flyers, courage to be lifted up in the air, special bonds and trust to be a back spot, and of course, maturity to be able to protect the cheerleader by touching her butt to make sure she gets up okay, and everyone needs so much training if they are starting from the bottom. We get yelled at by coaches and we suffer from injuries, and a true athlete never gives up, so you will see every team member on the floor every time. So if you say we shake our butts for 2 and a half minutes, we also lift 120 lb people, tumble, dance, memorize counts, fly, jump in the air as high as we can, we are flexible and we can do so much more than shake our butts. If I didn't mention this already, we do get points. We get points for difficulty and for how our bow and makeup matches and looks, and btw we need makeup or else we get docked points. Let's hear your side of the argument where you talk about stupid football cheerleaders. I want to hear about the cheerleaders that can bleed, sweat and leave marks on each other. I want to hear your side about what all star cheerleaders do and what you think about makeup and rules and exercise. *Drops mic*

  • The book says no. I say yes.

    My favorite cheerleading book ever (Cheerleading Secrets by Janey Trishon) says cheerleading isn't a sport. But I don't think that's the authors true view, more one supported by political decisions and legal judgments. When you read the book you see that cheerleading is a sport by any logical definition. I'm a cheerleader, so obviously I'm biased in my opinion, but cheerleading is physical (more so than many other so called sports, like golf for example), competitive and it is organized at local and national levels. How can it not be classified as a sport?

  • It is a sport.

    Cheerleading. What comes to mind when you hear this word? Is it those annoying girls on the sidelines of football games screaming cheers? Or is it the most popular girls of the school shaking pom poms? In the past, cheerleading has been referred to as a pep club to help bring up school spirit. This is not the case anymore. Cheerleading, unlike many other sports, has changed drastically since it first started out in 1880 and was (originally dominated by men). It now not only is a sport, but it is one of the most physically demanding and dangerous ones as proclaimed by sports critics and doctors.

  • Cheerleading is a sport, cheerleaders must be athletic.

    Cheerleaders must be athletic and do many moves that incorporate acrobatics and dancing. They also compete for awards which require them to work as a team. The athletic ability combined with the teamwork that is required more than qualifies cheerleading to be defined as a sport. If running is a sport, so is cheerleading.

  • Yes cheerleading is a sport

    Cheerleading is a sport because you compete against other squads and you also get judged and you have to work you`re butt off and you also sweat like crazy, and that is what a sport is. I have been a cheerleader for 5 years now and cheer leading is 100% a sport. I don`t care if people disagree with me!

  • Yes It is...

    Im not sure if all of you watch cheerleading or not but cheerleading is definitely a sport. There are 6 definitions to being a sport:
    • It must be a physical activity which involves propelling a mass through space or overcoming the resistance of mass. (We stunt which requires overcoming the resistance of mass)!
    • “Contesting” or competing against/with an opponent is required. (Competition..)
    • It must be governed by rules that explicitly define the time, space, and purpose of the contest and the conditions under which a winner is declared. (We have a Time limit, mat size, and score sheets… )!
    • Acknowledgement that the primary purpose of the competition is a comparison of the relative skills of the participants. (Worlds, NCA, UCA are on ESPN)!
    • The physical activity includes the above defined elements (do i need to explain this one)
    • The primary purpose is competition verses other teams or individuals within a competition structure comparable to other ‘athletic’ activities.” (We go against hundreds of other teams while other "sports" go against 1 at a time)

    We dont just shake our butt and yell to pump up the crowd. We throw ourselves upside down, twist, and land on our feet. Throw other people in the air and hoping we catch them while they twist and switch legs, and make it stable. We have to be perfect. In football you can make one mistake and fix it to win the game. Once we make a mistake we cant fix it or make up for it whatever is done is done....

  • It SO is a sport!!!

    I don't care who you are or what you say, but cheerleading is definitely a sport. Any physical activity that involves competition, training, and is trained by a coach IS A SPORT!!!! I Most people think that cheerleading is cheering for sports. This is true, and also false. That's one kind of cheerleadiing, while the other one involves competing against other cheerleading teams.

  • Cheerleading is NOT a sport

    If a cheerleader asked me if I think cheerleading is a sport I would say did you win? How many points did you get? If they could not answer then cheerleading is NOT a sport! Cheerleaders also get their makeup and hair done. Do real athletes do that??? NO!!!!! If you know someone that is a cheerleader copy and paste this and send it to her. Thanks!

  • Cheer is not a sport.

    Cheerleaders wear makeup and get their hair done. I'm pretty sure that if they were actually working out it would get messy (which it dosen't). Most females that cheer do it to be popular. It is a new stereotype now. Mean popular cheerleaders do it just to have a good reputation.

  • Definitely not a sport

    All they do is jump around for 2.5 minutes. Seriously? Is that what qualifies as a sport these days? And just because something is dangerous doesn't qualify it to be a sport. Doing any activity, you have a chance of being hurt. And it's demeaning. Wearing 10lbs of makeup to go compete? Real athletes don't do that. And wearing uniforms that show your stomach? There's no way you can tell me that's not demeaning, because male cheerleaders (which are few anyway) don't wear makeup or uniforms that show their stomachs. Only the girls. So explain that one!

  • It isn't a sport!

    I bet all of the people who voted yes are actual cheerleaders! You are not doing anything to be fit unless you are in a competition. Other than that you just sit on the floor and clap your hands. Except when you are doing the Half-Time show. That is my opinion.

  • No way, cheerleading is not a sport.

    While it may take some skill and some effort to kick your legs up in the air, it takes no skill whatsoever to get up on a stage and shake your butt for 5 minutes straight. I believe that yelling, " lets go team," until half-time takes no effort whatsoever. This is exactly what cheerleading is and it is not a sport.

  • No it is not. Cheerleading is just dancing. It shouldn't be its own sport.

    Cheerleading is just sexist, demeaning dancing. Cheerleading should not be considered its own sport since it is really just a lesser from of dance. Cheerleading is dance, end of story. Ugh I still have to fill in all these words. This isn't even a debate, it's so simple. Soo... yeah.

  • No, no, no

    And for that matter, so-called 'sports' that don't involve direct competition aren't sports either, nor are those where the result is determined by judges. If you aren't competing directly with other people, you aren't playing a sport - being 'dangerous' or 'difficult' doesn't make it so. Walking up all the way to the top of the Empire State Building with the stairs isn't a sport, even though it is dangerous and difficult.

    Posted by: TN05
  • Of course not!

    Cheerleading is cheering on people who play sports. Yeah, they can do some cool stuff, but sports have a goal, and let me ask you: what is the goal of cheerleading? Answer: there is no goal. Sports have rules. Are there any rules for cheerleading? No! They just encourage a sports team to do better.

  • Not a sport

    Cheerleading is in no way a sport. Just because it's dangerous does not mean it's a sport. Is wrestling an alligator dangerous? Yes. Does that make it a sport? NO. Cheerleading is conducted to encourage audience enthusiasm. My grandma could do the same exact thing from her seat while watching my games. Your scoring is superficial, you get points off if your make-up, hair, or bow doesn't look right. Also, cheerleading requires no strategy whatsoever, you don't even need a brain to participate in this ACTIVITY.

  • Cheerleading is not a sport; it's a competition.

    A sport is a game where you interact with other players. A competition is a game where you compete! If you can touch, interact or sabotage another team, it is a competition. I believe the same is true of many other events that are considered sports, like swimming, track, archery and shooting.

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Katieremley says2014-07-08T12:35:24.280
Are you kidding have you seen a girl afte competition?! Or practice??
Katieremley says2014-07-08T12:36:35.057
Have you SEEN a cheerleader after a competition or practice
Katieremley says2014-07-08T12:38:48.357
Yes because all dancers lift eachother mulitipul feet in the air, throw them and catch them. Smh
cheer-star-awesome says2015-06-22T17:18:21.660
I used to be in gymnasticas and now thats not a sport but it helped md into cometitve cheer wich is the bar helped me with stunts and im a base floor helped with dance and tumbling vault helped with tumbling and beam helped with a bit of everything ie jumps stunts/primad tumbling dance and in practice cause i was used to conditoing all ready gymnastics isnt a sport but helps with others like dand and cheer

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