• You do you. . .

    Gay marriage should be allowed EVERYWHERE because people have the right to be with the person they love. . . And as someone who's part of the LGBTQ+ community, I believe this 100%. You have the right to express who you are no matter what. God created us all equal, And it's no one else's business on who we can, And cannot marry.

  • Haha yessir cheese is just a loaf of milk

    I think it is because cheese is mostly just solid milk, It is also cut into slices just like a loaf of bread. Therefore milk is honestly just a loaf of bread if you dissagree i disagree to your statement and cheese is just a loaf of milk like how blue cheese is like a loaf of moldy cheese. I just blew your mind

  • Why the hell not

    A block of cheese entirely fits the description of loaf. Apart, Of course, From that minor detail of loafs being bred but who really cares about that any way. Now I am just writing stuff to fill the dumb word count. I now need nine more words and I am done.

  • Thick warm cheese


    a quantity of bread that is shaped and baked in one piece and usually sliced before being eaten.
    "a loaf of bread"

    an item of food formed into an oblong shape and sliced into portions.

    half a loaf is better than none — it is better to accept less than one wants or expects than to have nothing at all.


  • It is a loaf

    Hi it is a loaf. This has nothing to do with bread. Have you hread of meat loaf?
    Hi it is a loaf. This has nothing to do with bread. Have you hread of meat loaf?
    Hi it is a loaf. This has nothing to do with bread. Have you hread of meat loaf?

  • Cheese is indeed a loaf of bread

    This world has loafs of bread, But it is actually grain. So instead of calling it a loaf of loaf of grain, It's just a loaf of bread. Similarly it isn't a bag of cheese or just cheese, It's a loaf of cheese!

    That is how you support an opinion without using M I L K

  • Milk is an ingredient used to make cheese, Not entirely cheese

    If cheese was just milk, It would be a liquid not a loaf since milk is a liquid. If cheese was milk, Why wouldn't we simply call it milk? Milk is the main ingredient used in cheese, Not entirely cheese itself. Other ingredients are used in the production of cheese, Depending on the type of cheese being produced.

  • No its own thing

    While cheese is processed milk and can be cut in slices it is not like bread.
    Cheese can be liquid while bread cannot be liquid.
    Bread is made by ADDING water,
    cheese is made by removing the water.
    Bread is baked
    Cheese does not have to baked.
    While both cheese and bread can be fermented,
    Only cheese can be ate with some mold.
    YOu do not eat moldy bread, Only moldy cheese.
    Bread is based of of grains,
    cheese is from milk.

    These use similar terminology and might share similar processes they are different.
    Why is grilled cheese not called grilled bread?
    That is toast!

  • Milk is not grain and is not remotely in the shape of a loaf

    It dosent make sense, If i molded a titanium aluminum alloy in the shape of loaf of bread, Its not a loaf of metal, Its metal in the shape of a loaf of bread, You can't just say something is something else because then everything loses meaning and everything can be called anything, I can call a can of soda a sofa Becouse i feel like it if thats how it works

  • The definition of loaf contains the word bread so obviously it cannot be cheese based.

    A) A cuboid of bready magnitude is not cheese shaped as cheese is created in much, Much shorter cuboids than that and B) doesnt prove that cheese can be loaf shaped, I know for a fact that you spent several minutes trying to find just one picture of loaf shaped cheese and you couldn't. Just because a house might be square, Doesnt mean a square can be house shaped ya little dumbus

  • Cheese is never loaf shaped

    My friend spent ages looking for loaf shaped cheese and found none. He found some kind of square bread but it was nowhere near enough to win the argument. Ice is not water loaf and cars are not metal loaf, Its completely absurd. So, I do not understand what it is that makes people think this.

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