Is Chelsea Handler sincerely making a feminist statement by posting nude pictures of herself (yes) or is she just seeking attention (no)?

  • Both but mostly feminism

    She's not only doing it for attention, but she wants to do it to make a feminist statement. Look at her argument: "MEN CAN DO IT WHY CAN'T I!?" that's a feminist argument. Women can't post topless photos because of the breasts. Deal with it. Quite frankly, I applaud Instagram.

  • With Chelsea Handler, the answer is a little bit of both

    For any entertainer, especially comedians, the line between making a political statement and seeking attention is always blurry. Handler has never been one to be shy about speaking her mind, often to her considerable detriment. She does have, it would appear, a bit of an addiction to attention, and I'm sure she knew, especially after the brouhaha over the Kardashian photo, that this would get her some. But I think she also had a valid point, one that she was willing to risk public embarrassment to make.

  • It was her choice.

    It is her decision to post what she wants online or any other place. Therefore, she is making her own choices and that is the true object of the movement. So, yes, she is making a statement for feminism, because she is able to post these pictures and it was her choice to do it.

  • Objectification isn't feminist

    Whatever her motivation, what she is actually doing is allowing for the objectification of women. A woman's beauty is not a commodity. Women have an infinite dignity, being made in the image and likeness of God, and their naked body is not something which should be available to strangers. She debases herself even if it is in an attempt to assert her freedom. Choices can be wrong.

  • Chelsea Handlers is all about attention.

    Chelsea Handler, the obnoxious comedian, from "Chelsea Lately," is all about the attention that she can garner. While her cause might be genuine, the most likely explanation is not helping others; but rather helping herself. This naked stunt is only going to draw attention to her name, which is exactly what she wants to happen. Go ahead and look if you must, but that's exactly what she wants you to do.

  • I believe that Chelsea Handler is just seeking attention.

    I believe that Chelsea Handler is just seeking attention. A true feminist would not be using their body to make a statement. I believe that Chelsea is doing more harm than good when it comes to the female movement by showcasing her body and teaching young girls that it is ok to put their private bodies on display for the world to see.

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donniethelion says2016-04-02T03:47:03.887
When someone can shame you, they hold power over you. When you control your nudity, you prevent another person from using it as a "shame weapon" against you.