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Chess? Sport? No!

  What is a sport in your opinion ladies and gentlemen? Well it is a way of physical excretion to keep your body fit and healthy! So what do you do in chess? Sit all day and try to win. Well, yes it does exercise your mind, improving your logic skills but of course not your body. Thus, I don't find chess a 'sport'.
Anonymous says2013-06-21T19:36:59.323
Darts is considered a sport. It is no more physical than chess.
Anonymous says2013-06-25T00:23:46.407
Although I fully agree with you, you said excretion instead of exertion haha.
Anonymous says2013-07-12T17:30:44.503
You defined 'exercise', sports are competitive.
sophiekitty13 says2014-01-16T01:13:59.607
Not everything competitive is a sport thought.
anonymous1999 says2014-04-27T22:16:05.693
Isnt the brain part of the body???
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