• Is chess underplayed in the U.S?

    I am a huge chess fan and have played over 10,000 chess games on different sites. I believe that chess is underplayed in the U.S and other countries. Russia takes chess super seriously and it is one of their largest competitions. I would put chess in the olympics. So do you believe that chess is underplayed?

  • Chess is underplayed

    My school doesn't have anything official for chess. Chess is my favorite board game. People dont understand the importantcy of chess. It develops plenty of skills including strategy. Its so awesome i cant deny the awesome power of chess. You can figuratively rape a person in the form of chess.

  • Chess is underplayed

    Chess is a game that requires a person to think a lot and you require intelligence just by playing chess you can become a much smarter person. You cannot just learn how to play chess in a day you have to practice a lot to become good at chess. That is why it should be played more

  • Electronics are taking over

    In my opinion, it seems that the mindless electronic action games are taking over chess and other boardgames. Seriously, look at the teens of this generation. They are not playing chess, they are sitting in front of screens. It could be agued chess is now going to take on an electronic form, but with many more simple and easy games out there that require a lot less cognitive power and strategic thinking I am lead to weep for the strategic capabilities of further generations...

  • Chess is not underplayed in the US

    As the contra, I feel it necessary to vote in favor of my own side as the proponent has already done for his. It is telling that pro opens with the fact that he has played 10,000 games on different Chess sites. One might be lead to believe chess is overplayed! Of course, all respect due to my opponent, chess is worthy of our time and as I will demonstrate, it captures it quite well. Chess is rapidly increasing in popularity and is most certainly not underplayed.

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