• Chicken is a food and halocraft0523 has a mental disability

    Nobody insult halocraft0523 it's not his fault. Halocraft0523 you are so smart! Chickens are animals! But, what else are chickens? That's right they are birds! We can also classify them as vertebrates. Wow, something can have many classifications! You know what? They can also be your friend, isn't that special? Just like you!

  • Chicken is a food

    After you kill it, de-feather it, bleed it, gut it, and so on, you eat it. Fish is another example of an animal you kill remove meat from and eat. Chicken is meat. You eat meat. Unless it is alive, you are vegan, or sheltered from your parents chicken is food.

  • I ate chiken

    I ate chiken all day becuz i lik it. Chiken tasste good. Also good for pratoin chikcen ciken chiken chiekn so i like chiken. Cchicken is good fry and cook. Eat mor chicken like chickfila tell u to. Also i eat chiken becuz it move, Noobdebatr123 and halo! You stoopid!

  • We need to eat things that were once alive!

    We need to eat chicken because they are live beings. EVERYTHING we eat are live beings. All plants and animals. The reason is because when a plant creates glucose then we eat them to get that energy. When an animal eats a plant, it gets that energy. When we eat an animal, we get the energy that the plant has previously created! Every single thing we eat was once alive. If it was not, we would not benefit from eating it!

  • Yes,of course, Duh

    Chicken is a food. People eat, yeah it is rude to kill it, but we need food to survive. Some people or animals could eat it alive. We need food to survive. What if you were the last person on earth and the only thing you could eat was chicken, you would starve to death.

  • Chicken is a food.

    We have to eat things that are alive, or were once alive to sustain ourselves. Chickens can be eaten for nutritional value, and it's eggs as well. Although some may not choose to eat chicken for moral or ethical reasons, they're a food source, and so they can be eaten.

  • Chicken is a type of food to humans.

    We eat them all the time. We even cook with their eggs. I understand vegetarians don't like to eat chickens and such. But 80% of the world eats chickens,cows,turkeys,ducks and every other type of animal so A chicken isn't different. Vegetarians also die younger than people who eat chicken. Because they eat tofu and stuff which lacks nutrients that every human body needs.

  • Chicken is good

    Like food from chick fa la DQ Harbys Burger king all of that is chicken and you cant forget wendys all of that is chicken and people eat it all the time so yeah chicken is good so it should win and anyways people eat all fast food all the time

  • Yeah it be

    How else am I going to make racially insensitive jokes about the general appetites of the African-American populace of the country referred to as the "United States of America" and worldwide?
    After all like every freaking poor people will tell you chicken is food and communism is swag and poor people ecks dee.

  • Chicken is an animal

    I don't get why people thing chicken is a food. Food is something you eat. Chickens are alive. You do not eat chickens. If chickens were food then why do they move when you touch them. Food is like wings. It is not alive and does not move. Eggs is another example of real food. Where do people think food comes from, animals?

  • No because food is...

    Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. AND CHICKEN IS ANEE MAL SO YAA WHY WE EAT ANEE MAL WE SHOULD NOT EAT PLAN OR ANEE MAL SERIOUSLY GUYS

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