Is child behavior better (yes) or worse (no) than it was years ago?

  • The behavior of kids has gotten a lot worse.

    When you read books written years ago, do you ever hear kids talking back or getting arrested? No. The writers before wrote about how kids acted in their time. Today, kids are out of control. You hear all about kids committing atrocious acts that were undoubtedly unheard of in lets say, the 20th century. It's gotten much, much, worse.

  • Neither of them

    There is no comparison between both of them. Years ago not many people focused on the statistics of child behavior. Suddenly, today people are now focused on child behavior. Of course, years ago it was slot better, but do we really know that. We can't trust the facts because possibly it was way worse back then. Having kids work in factories because they did not want to go to school.

  • Education is Great

    Education is by far better today than a hundred years ago! The fields of learning have been opened up to boys and girls equally to seek out far greater possibilities than were even imaginable a hundred years ago. The Education now is a better than before. We are not beaten and now we can use internet for Education.

  • Yes is Has

    There is no words to describe how much crazier the world has gotten due to the fact that these violent movies and books are coming out. It makes me nauseous. I cant believe how bad it has gotten. In 1965 you never really heard of such trauma. Believe me. Its bad.

  • Kids are out of control

    We have kids killing there family members and loved ones they are killing our generation bullying special needs students making them come to school and shoot up people how many cases have you heard that the kids came to the school and shot people up TOO MANY TIMES we have to stop this generation from going down the rocks. It all starts with the parents.

  • A Child's Behavior is a Result of the Parents Disciplinary Action

    I have experienced first-hand an out-of-control teenager. He was admitted to several institutions for depression and suicidal threats; however, it wasn't until he was admitted to a facility that was lead by a psychiatrist who worked in a prison for 20+ years. He immediately took my son off the meds prescribed by previous doctors for depression. My son's issues weren't psychological; his issues were BEHAVIORAL. They were a result of my behavior. I was divorced. His father left us at the age of 3. I felt guilty. You know the rest. My advice is to raise your child in a disciplined environment. You are the parent; YOU ARE NOT HIS FRIEND. It's tough. The outcome will be rewarding.

  • Lack of discipline and accountability

    I am just turning 50, so grew up in the 70's. I was raised by both parents, a stay at home mom, neighbors who disciplined me if I stepped out of line and reported it to my parents. Police officers in the neighborhood who we knew. School teachers who held us accountable and punished us accordingly, not physically. Parents came in to discuss, not challenge the teacher. And yes, 30 kids to a class. Limited TV, one hour of homework because family time. Had prayers, had church. Shopping and gifts came not weekly, but on special occasions. Developed sense of appreciation, not entitlement. So:
    1. Need a community to raise them right
    2. Some kind of belief system
    3. Education at school must continue at home
    4. Accountability
    5. Support

    I have 7 brothers and sisters, 14 nieces and nephews, and both my parents (our anchors) have passed. And honestly, once they were gone, the rules and guidelines they raised us on, seemed to slowly disappear. I chose not to have kids and I find it harder and harder to be a good uncle who interacts with his brothers and sisters kids. Raising a child today is like trying to keep water in a colander. But if enough resources are engaged, all the holes can be plugged and you will have success.

  • Kids behaviors now

    Bad behavior in children always comes with an explanation (and no, your tot is not the devil in disguise). The truth is, throwing tantrums, hitting, talking back (or, in toddler speak, saying "no" to everything), and breaking rules are completely normal and age appropriate. Don't think of these less-than-perfect behaviors as acts of rebellion (though they may seem that way) but rather as developmentally appropriate behaviors that result from:
    Curiosity. Kids this age are naturally curious about the world around them, which can often translate into bad toddler behavior ("Hmmm…what will happen if I dump all the books off the shelf?" Or "I wonder how my sister's goldfish would like a dip in the toilet bowl?"). An adult might interpret these actions as naughty, but your toddler (in her mind, at least) is conducting a science experiment — not looking for a way to annoy you (or her older sister).
    Miscommunication. Acting out often happens because communication is so very tough for toddlers. It's much easier for children to communicate with bad behavior, like when your two-year-old kicks over a flowerpot than to say, "I'm cranky because my nap was too short" or hurls a toy at her pal instead of saying, "I don't want my playdate to end."

  • Kids are bad

    Kids see what there favorite star is doing like being arrested or acting out and they think since there doing it it's ok for me to do it to social media has ruined our society . Celebs are the worst impression for our children these days it is horrible .

  • My child has been so like rude lately after her birthday party and other stuff.

    I am really happy for you guys if you have an awesome and I am happy for you and I really fell bad for my own child and her name is Dajha Stratton but my other child is awesome and helpful and thankful than my other child so I am happy for you guys thank you for helping me and getting throw it.

  • Child behavior is out of control

    Children are acting out more and more these days. It seems that almost every child is being diagnosed with ADD of ADHD and is on medications. This is ridiculous and should be stopped. One of the reasons for this has to be parenting. Parents are letting their child act out more and more today. Child behavior is much worse than it was years ago.

  • Turn UP FOR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Parents are doing a bad job with their kids. Like what is the problem? Why are kids so disrespectful? In my school kids cuss at their teacher,stick up the middle finger, just reckless bad a%# kids. I'm just being honest! Do they have any home training, or is their dad not in their lives anymore? My PARENTS which are together have home trained me very well!

  • Children are out of hand!

    For starters, children became more rebellious over the years. It seems okay for them to curse, disrespect people, and say rude comments. It also involves the parents. They aren't doing a good job teaching them to behave well. They're basically burying their heads inside the internet and not their textbooks. Parents curse around the child, the child hears about it and repeats it. The behavior has gotten worse throughout the years.

  • We are not focusing on this major issue, and we should

    If you just look around you at any public place, you will see major examples of poor behaviour. Children have lost respect for their elders and don't know how to talk to people. Mainly the higher amount of time on their devices (phones, computer, video games etc.) has got children to forget how talking to people is suppose to be. Kids hardly are talking to their parents and mostly spending time texting or something of the sort, so they don't know what type of respect you need to give them. Its also the parents fault, many years ago parents priority was to raise their kid to be a kind, respectful and mannerly child. Now parents just want to make money by focusing on their job, or their own social life.

  • The society of children

    The population in today's society is bigger for children now days it brings them closer together to learn bad behaviors from other children it can be from there peers at class our even relatives kids who receive little punishment at home. The lack from parents to delegate there acts on obedience is to light from the past bye being swat from a branch that was pulled from out side to now days taking a game away for only a day.

  • The Problem Is Terrible Parenting

    Child behavior is FAR worse than it was years ago, and the problem lies with the PARENTS. Terrible parenting is the single biggest cause of most of society's problems. We require people to have a license to drive but any idiot can be a parent if they can manage to have sex and make a baby. Today's parents often don't show enough love or attention to their children, and most don't provide their children with any kind of moral or ethical framework. They teach their kids things like it's okay to lie if you might get away with something, and other people don't matter as long as you get your way.

  • Because i way so

    Kids are stuck Up, They think they are adults, They are thinking in things like alcohol or droga, They are only 10 and are thinking ir boyfriends or things that are not for their are, Because they have phones they think they are better, They are mean with their parents and say they hate life as if it was a cool things.

    Posted by: Tjjj
  • Anger is being taken out

    Way back when anger was punishable and no one really saw how children were feeling, Children's behavior was tolerable. Now there are school shootings every month killing people all because others can not see the emotion the children have. Part of the out breaks children are having is because of the parents not helping their children, The main reason is children's attitudes. Bulling is a large reason why children are feeling angry and are taking it out on other students but that is no reason to kill. Even if the children are going through hard times it doesn't make it okay

  • Children love attention

    Children simply act out to receive any amount of attention they don't get at home. To a child, any kind of attention (even if its negative) is still attention. Parents don't discipline the way they used to because their child(ren) threaten to call cps or law enforcement. Attention is attention.

  • Oh Hell Naw

    Ima Cool Teen and i say the 21 and the 20 was bad but the 21 is worst cause of the tecnology and etc. im not trynna get into details or what not but listen to tis "The 21 Centry is Ruined" -xBands_Lowkey Aka Me AKA Dominique Quentez Draper The "Diamond Patri" Kid

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