• Yes, they are a powerhouse.

    China is just a powerhouse in every way and form. its gone to their head and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The way they treat their workers is another story though. The working conditions are absolutely awful. I mean look at Foxconn, its an awful place to work and it always will be.

  • Yes China is a global innovation powerhouse

    As China continues to expand its infrastructures, it is becoming the biggest competitor of industrial manufacturing and a place to do business. China has a workforce that works hard and creatively to keep on with global product demands. As China's economy grows in can afford to invest in technological advances and increase it's global business operations.

  • Yes, I think China is a global innovation powerhouse.

    With the largest population in the world and the worlds fastest growing economy I think innovation springs from every corner of China at the moment, I think there are no other nations with the amount of innovators and new ideas then what China is experiencing at the current moment of time.

  • Not at all

    No, the only thing that is helping out china right now is that we are taking all of our businesses right now and moving them to there, so that we can hire the cheaper labor and that we can make the products at a lot cheaper of a price there.

  • China's economy is too controlled to enable innovation

    There is much concern about the rise of the Chinese economy, but as long as its governmental system remains totalitarian and liberty remains restricted, it will never become the innovation powerhouse that the US, Europe, and Japan are. Too many restrictions are placed on workers at all levels, and the government has far too much control. The economy must be liberalized before China's full potential can be realized.

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