• Yes, they are.

    I think they're a great market because of how crowded their cities are and how much pollution they have. They need less harmful emissions and Tesla's are usually pretty small and could fit in many of their parking structures. I think they also love luxury brands and would really appreciate the detailed design of the cars.

  • China and Tesla: a perfect marriage

    Between the pollution in China and the copious amounts of money, Tesla would be crazy not to move into their car market. The Chinese have the means and the desire for such an expensive car and the electric side of it only adds to the draw. Tesla is brilliant to make this move.

  • Tesla in China: Slow Sales Acceleration and a Brand-Name ..

    Last month, China's State Council agreed to exempt electric cars (as well as plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles) from the 10 percent tax normally assessed on new autos. And the government said electric cars would make up at least 30 percent of its vehicle purchases by 2016.

    That creates opportunities for Tesla. China is "genuinely committed to electric cars," Musk said during a call with analysts last week. "It's not just about favoring local manufacturers."

    There's been one problem: While Tesla Motors started Chinese deliveries of the Model S in April, the Palo Alto automaker was proceeding without certainty that it had rights to its name in the country.

  • no it is not.

    China is not a good market. I do not think they are where they need to be for that kind of technology compared to other countries. I fell Japan would be a better place for this kind of testing or even the united states, but not china. They need to be a little further advanced first.

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