• Provided it is within your means

    China is a great place to go for an education, especially considering it's rich history and booming population. The local knowledge is vast, and several programs exist whereby students are able to connect with places around the globe and ensure quality education. Several exchange programs exist, and knowledge growth in China has been huge.

  • no, it is not.

    The testing system in China to get into a good place of higher education is rigorous and a bit too much to ask for students. And really, testing is not the way to go. To be tested is to remember things. It doesn't necessarily mean you learned anything. USA has the best higher education.

  • Chinese universities are awful.

    No, I do not think that China is a good place to get a higher education. Are any of their schools known globally for excellence in education? Nope. Also, students at Chinese universities have a very well deserved reputation for being cheaters. Diplomas from China are not worth the paper they're printed on.

  • No It's Not

    I do not believe China is a good place to get a higher education. I have my doubts the schools in that country are open enough to teach things as they really are. Like everything in China, I am sure that they are subjected to controls from the government that probably stop professors from teaching some topics fully.

  • No, China is not a good place for education.

    I think that the type of higher education that some people in the Western world might be seeking doesn't necessarily match with that of China's educational system. As much of an emerging economy that China is, there are still a lot of policies and limitations that make it difficulty in getting the type of education there compared to Western countries.

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