• The Russia-China Alliance is the Greatest Threat to U.S. National Security

    China's immense economic growth and increasing military strength should be of great concern. Although, not just China alone. Their growing alliance with Russia should be at the top of the list of national security threats. The two nations are both state sponsors of terrorism as they indirectly support groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Both nations also support rogue regimes such as North Korea and Iran in an attempt to undermine U.S. interests and global influence. To say that China is not a threat, particularly when talking about their expansion of relations as seen with their alliance with Russia, is simply foolish. And that's exactly what the U.S. is doing right now.

  • Yes. I believe china is a threat to the United States.

    With the direction our country is going, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if China really wanted to be the next rising power to collide with a declining power. China is allies with at least four countries with nuclear weapons but has very little experience with their leaders being ready for battle but the United States does have plenty of experience. China's economy might be the second largest economy in the world, but for now the US is still the first largest economy. Our founding fathers fought and died to defend our country and handed it down through generations for us to do the same. America needs her people to get back on track and quit loaning money we don't have to countries that could ask for it back at any point of time. Internally America is shaky and faltering severely, we're stepping away from the biblical principles this country was founded on which is messing us up big time. China is a huge threat to the US and I'm not going to side idle and watch our country spiral downwards and be broke.

  • How can we trust a country that has been lying to us the whole time?

    There is genocide going on in China right now. It has been since 1949! They have been lying about it and covering the evidence up! Why do you thing its so hard to go into China these days? The genocide is that they are killing Tibetans. China illegally invaded Tibet in 1949 and Tibet lost independence in 1959. They have built a world of lies! How will we trust them.

  • Middle Kingdom mindset

    China is a nation formed by war aggression from the Qin to Mao dynasty, it does not has any good intention with the West and the rest of the world include its own neighbors. China Dream is a total world domination like Nazi Germany and they won't take no for an answer.

  • China is a totalitarian government with ambitions to conquer the world.

    China intends to subject America (and the rest of the world) to bitter slavery. Our leaders are fools and have sold us out. Only the one, true God of the Bible can save us from the fate which is being constructed for us. China's President Wen has written a book declaring his intentions.

  • No need for paranoia

    I feel depressed seeing all of these people here fretting and crying. I thought that we had moved away from that "guns and blood" era (not just the US, the world I mean) and that the military would not be de facto anymore.
    Clearly, that's not true.
    Yes, the evidence is clear. And I think that like all things, there will be a pattern. Every century will belong to a different country, and the 21st is for China, just like the 20th was for the US, the 19th was for England etc. Economic supremacy is leaning towards China, and just a glance at the country's development should eleminate the opinion of those 50%. Economy means interaction, and since China's communist allies all fell in the mid to late 1900's, China was desopated, isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. Now, with the new agenda of the Government, China will become a superpower, just as it has been all throughout history.
    To all those who are afraid of a "incoming" nuclear missile from China, stop being pathetic. The PRC has never attacked another country for the sake of "expansion" (which I can't believe people still think are among the Government's top goals). Only when China was being attacked themselves, were defending allies or were crushing uprisings did they exercise deadly force. To think that they will launch a fully-fledged WAR against the US is ludicrous, stupid, and wildly out-of-context.

  • China could be threat to US

    I don't foresee the Chinese being a military threat to the US, but with how much economic power they have, they should be treated carefully by the US. If the Chinese wanted to call up on our debt, we would be screwed. Our economies are tightly linked and we should monitor Chinese to make sure we keep a good balance.

  • Are you kidding?

    We made them the most powerful nation in world with our blind greed. Like all other great empires before them it's time to fade into the shadows USA your time is over. They have billions of smart hard working people and we gave them all of our knowledge. We gave them all our factories and tooling.

  • Yes, China is a threat to the United States.

    A threat has 2 components: intent and capability. China has the intent to harm the US as seen in their cyber warfare capabilities inflicting millions of intrusions everyday to the US infrastructure. To include flooding the US with illegal drugs through their criminal syndicates operating inside the US. China has the capability to inflict harm to the US as depicted in their military spending. To reverse the question, What is China preparing for? What is the intent of their aggressive intelligence gathering of the US sensitive equipment? What is the main purpose of their cyber intrusions? If all these questions does not led to ill intent and growing capability then what else will? These supports my argument. I now rest my case.

  • Yes, China has both financial and military strength

    China is definitely a threat to the United States, both militarily and financially. What makes China an even bigger threat is the fact the the United States is heavily indebted to the country, putting the U.S. at a competitive disadvantage economically. Militarily, China has an enormous armed forces, with the financial resources to pose a serious threat.

  • This debate has come AT LEAST 20 years early!!!!

    Many of those who argue that China is a threat to the US draw too heavily on past circumstances to make their presumptions. Yes, China's economy will very soon surpass America's, with over 10 Billion citizens and an economy rising at 7% thats not hard to see, however interms of whether their economy will be stronger than that of the US.. ABSOLUTELY not!!! Per capita, China need 30 years of growth to even match the current GDP of the US! Equally we can talk of China's military spending which is understandably raising eyebrows amongst Americans... However again, the Military Capabilities of the US far exceed that of China's and it is only 2% of the Chinese Budget!!!! (GDP) however i will say that tensions in southern Asia and Obama's call to deploy troops in australia is something we cannot ignore, however dont underestimate modern intrnational relations! The difference is we have trans national corporations working to develop peaceful alliances between CHina and the US! Equally everyone loves soft power!!!! Both the US and CHina advocate greater uses of soft power, therefore in 20 years when China actually catch up to the US (assuming the US will never experiebnce one bit of growth in that time) it is a bit early to call WW3!!

  • Like the guy above said

    A competitor, yes, but not a threat. China will be (and, in many cases, already is) a competitor and rival to the United States, but they also have important economic and trade relationships that are in the interest of both parties to maintain. Essentially, China will never become a true threat to the US because they need each other too much.

  • A competitor, yes, but not a threat.

    China will be (and, in many cases, already is) a competitor and rival to the United States, but they also have important economic and trade relationships that are in the interest of both parties to maintain. Essentially, China will never become a true threat to the US because they need each other too much.

  • No! I Agree that they are not a threat.

    As stated above, china and the united states need each other, as the two largest country in economy and military in the world. If the two of them fall, the world economy would be a complete disaster. Therefore, no matter how people say they are a threat, the two need each other in order to survive.

  • China is not CURRENTLY a threat to the US

    Many reasons such as their economic dependency, cultural beliefs, and military practice makes China not a threat to the United States currently. But remember that as soon as they fix these problems, they will be able to catch up right next to US which means that in no way should we let our guard down. Just because they are not on the same level as us right now does not mean that the future will be the same.

  • No, China's Economy Depends On The US

    Everyone says that sense China makes a lot of our products that they will surpass us by out spending us like we did to the USSR. But China is a producer not a buyer. They need the US to buy the products. And one day they will have to give their workers livable wages, reasonable work hours, and safe working conditions. When that day comes their prices will rise so high that they have to sell their stuff at around the same price as everyone else. Meaning that competitors will all take pieces of China's costumers, leaving China with a money problem that could possibly lead them to becoming a failed state.

  • No need for war

    Our economies are too tightly threaded together. War would be devastating for both nations, not only casualty count, but the economic problems would be devastating to both nations and many other countries who rely on the two largest economies on the planet. We rely on each others economies too much.

  • Realist Perspective: Not in China's interest to be a threat to the US

    As the largest holder of US treasury securities (almost $1.4 trillion according to the US treasury by the end of 2013) and as China's largest export market, from a purely realist perspective of international relations it is not in China's interest to pose a threat to the US militarily and economically. Peace is in both sides' interest.

  • No, China is not a threat to the United States

    China is not a threat to the United States despite it to become a growing economical power. The income gap is still much higher than the United States. At the same time, China's GDP difference has a large gap as compared to the United States. China has been relying on its large human base in the manufacturing industries, with many of the manufacturing industries now moving to other countries, it could pose a threat to its economy. At the same time the US is also investing in its domestic manufacturing industry.

  • China is not a threat due to their internal problems.

    China's internal problems such as corruption, their increasingly divided (on many levels) society, the disjointed implementation of policies between the central and local government are much more pertinent for the thriving of the CCP. The CCP is facing a crisis in their legitimacy and, even though they are not a democracy, the power of the people still matters. The continuance of current circumstances would result in an overwhelming disapproval and questioning of their mandate. In that case whatever they try to do and say or whatever image they try to project on the international arena would lack credibility and impact when everyone could see that they are having dissent and trouble at home. Its hard to build a credible front when you don't try to build your soft power and you lack a steady foundation.

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