Is China a threat to the United States: Many believe China will be the next Soviet Union. Is this true?

  • China will be the next USSR.

    China is a communist country with a lot of secrets. They are rapidly gaining power, and while they decry all the human rights violations that have been alleged upon them, there is more to China than meets the eye. In a few years, China will be stronger and more powerful than the USSR, and that's frightening.

  • Yes, China has openly roven to be a threat

    Yes, China has openly proven to be a threat.
    China has not been shy about its desire to be the world superpower. Just like the former Soviet Union, China has orchestrated a society that separates class and oppresses its citizens. There exist very little middle-class in China. The wealthy are very wealthy and the poor, very poor. China has been open about its intentional devaluation of currency in order to continue keeping people oppressed, while guaranteeing the wealthy cheap labor and resources. Unlike the former Soviet Union, China has learned to beat capitalist with their own stick. Instead of pushing a socialist agenda, China has made capitalist countries rely upon them for cheap labor, resources, and product. They also purchase and lease natural resources for smaller countries (farm land, oil, gas, etc.) making them dependent upon China for as much as one-half-of their gross national income. Another way they are beating the capitalist with their own stick is through the extension of loans to other governments, as well a large investments in Gold, Silver, and financial instruments. Finally, China has proven to be good at spying on other countries, to the point that congress has moved to disallow some Chinese businesses (i.e., Huawei) doing business in the U.S.

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