• End of days.

    China will tell the poor nations of the world to mess around with the weapons which China created. Now messing around means invading the rich and wealthy countries of the Americas and the Western world. Right no Russia we all forgot on how China emphasised how much of threat Russia was. Well, It is not a threat their weapons are crap there economy can`t function there is no Democracy. And China says all of these things are dangerous. They are not China is dangerous. All I can say is that China is going to bed and it is going to have a Nazi-like dream tonight.

  • The greatest empire building-colonizing thieving entity thats ready to achieve the vision of few unelected hans by hook or crook.

    The recent example being OBOR or belt road initiative where chinese government promises a loan, executted by chinese companies, by chinese workers and than dominated by chinese lorries where a country effectively pays to get colonised. Loans never leave china same as debt ghost cities that power on economic numbers

  • China is like a obsessive person

    China is obsessed with overtaking USA as number 1 economy and number 1 military. Though CCP maintains they don't interfere with other countries sovereignty the Chinese government has set up a military base in Djibouti. Sent soldiers in Syria to fight along Assad in 2017. Destroys everything in its path like religion especially Christianity. China carries 60 000 illegal organ transplants a year from bodies of executed political activists thereby allowing short waiting times for organs of just two months while in the USA its two years. China has been on a buying spree of high tech companies one of them is Volvo. China is boastful and proud to the point of claiming they designed bullet trains themselves when in fact Japan sold them the technology. China has broken every IP agreement. All this points to a nation that is obsessed to ruling the planet.

  • CCP is the big threat

    Their whole approach has dramatically changed with this leader. They're going to export their style of government and hold back humanity. The average Chinese person is probably feeling like life is getting better but with so many of their freedoms curtailed it's going to continue to affect them. Democracy is not a western idea. The sooner the Chinese people stand up and get rid of these fascists the better. The longer they don't we will have to fight them tooth and nail.

  • China is not another peaceful-growing Asian nation.

    China is using international trade as a weapon. China signed WTO treaty but constantly breaks the rules. China gov supports Chinese companies with money and protect from foreign firms and govs. China companies take over foreign ones to control the whole markets and acquire technology. Foreign companies operating in China have to transfer technology to their Chinese partners. It is hard not to notice that we have win-lose game here. The more China wins, the more the West loses. It is not true that globalization serves to each country equally. Globalization is profitable for the most powerful countries, the governments not constrained by elections or public opinion. Now, China is number one economy and is close to become number one in technology. The final stage will be military superiority. However, China's world order will be very unilateralist, excluding cooperation or work within international organisations. China will have no interest in defending human rights in different parts of the world. China's main goal is to establish a world order in which China dominates over every single country but doesn't want to take responsibility for international affairs and global governance. We, the West, can not compete with China simply because they play unfair. However, it was our fault to let the China grow. At least we got the knowledge that economic growth doesn't turn automatically any country into democracy. Surely, Chinese people aren't going to live in democracy and have human, social rights guaranteed and their privacy respected by the gov too. It's the high time to think how to defend human rights against Chinese influence here, at home.

  • Annexation of world trade

    Will the the most successful civilization to date ie America be happy with second place in the world economy , its a question worth contemplating , Its been very convenient for the first world economies to have access to cheap labor in china , It appears China has turned the demand for this labor into its own success story by becoming one of the worlds largest exporters , There will always be conflict associated trade deficits between competing economies how this will play out in the future will be interesting to say the least , I personally dont think it will be pretty

  • Two billion people unable to think for themselves.

    Shear number of them, their absence of individualism making them susceptible to cheap nationalistic zeal, their inferiority complex mixed with megalomania, their unhappiness explained away as caused by Japan or the West. It will all lead to no happy ending. Chinese are not interested in fairness. Manipulation and illusion is their way.

  • Maybe in the future right now the beast is resting stop it before its too late

    Right now China isnt ready for confrontation so in the present it will not do something too controversial but just wait till its strong enough militarily and things will get real bad real fast. The Chinese are buying influence all over the world especially in Asia and Europe , China in the present is just waging a trade world against all of the world making companies all over the world either move their manufacturing to China or go bankrupt. Just wait till China is already an economic powerhouse now the next stage will be military and technology then we are fucked

  • China's is a selfish country of communist

    China does not respect international law and the sovereigenty of other countries. Just look at the claims made by China in the South China sea and compare it to territories recognized by the UN. China is not only bullying it's neighbouring countries but is also being a dick for it's humiliation by western powers in the past. China has finally grown a 4 inch dick and she is trying so hard to shove it deep into the world's ass

  • Slow and steady is winning

    With the world being 'for sale', people, corporations, are selling to the Chinese. Real estate, corporations, they want to buy everything and due to the greedy nature of the rest of the world, they have no problems in finding assets.

    As a physical threat, the South China Seas is a prime example....Building islands in the middle of the ocean, claiming they are Chinese territory. They are biding their time before they can attack Vietnam, the Philippines and even the US. Meanwhile, the world governments are letting them do this.

  • Repeating lies for a thousand times, it becomes truth.

    1. Anyone thinking that China is invading surrounding countries should check serious historical books for the history of disputed areas and the special ancient oriental political system, rather than simply believing words that they have been willing to believe from only one side of disputes.
    2. Those who thinks China is governed by communists should go in himself to China and check how much communism is still left. At that point will they find that the China in real life is of much more capitalism that his own country.
    3. It is a deliberate misleading to regard the social and environmental problems arising in China's development, which Chinese people themselves are suffer more, as a method of invading other country. Those who are now seating on the top of Justice Mountain should recall what their countries have done when they are at the equivalent developing stage to China today.

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